Membership Levels

General Membership: ($300/year) receive all benefits and may attend trade shows. If you are paying by credit, include credit card information along with the billing address of the credit card.

There will be an additional $100.00 fee if you do not have two (2) sponsors within the IWJG organization. All IWJG Members MUST have two (2) active Members/Sponsors. Without two (2) Sponsors, you MUST provide five (5) vendor references, and membership is not guaranteed.

Acceptance of references and credit check or background check are at the IWJG's discretion.

Benefits include:

  • 8 to 10 trade shows annually, exclusively for full members (public not allowed)
  • World membership networking
  • Current market & price information, including access to our online watch pricelist
  • IWJG Newsletter (6 issues per year)
  • Access to the IWJG Marketplace
  • Access to IWJG/eBay Special Events
  • Large support staff
  • Toll-free phone line
  • Tables, security cases, security cameras, safes and lock boxes at shows (nominal fee)

Optional VIP Club Benefits

Get extended privileges and benefits by joining our 1K Club, our Super K Club, or our highest membership level, Platinum Club. Benefits include:

  • Early entry to shows.
  • Priority table assignment.
  • Receive additional 10% credit to your account.

Your membership level is indicated by a colored ribbon attached to your show badge. Here are the optional benefits and their costs:

Level Ribbon Club Members May Enter Room... Other Benefits Cost
1K Club Green 8:30AM each show day $100.00 Bonus
Entrances Only
$1,000 deposit, and $100 balance at all times
Super K Club Burgundy 8:00AM each show day $500.00 Bonus $5,000 deposit, and $500 balance at all times
Platinum Club Platinum 7:30AM each show day $1,000.00 Bonus PLUS
Table holders will have preferred seating. Wall table is given if requested and available. (Seniority is a factor in both cases.)
$10,000 deposit, and $1,000 balance at all times

Club members... Credit Card on record will automatically be charged the amount to renew their club level anytime the account balance drops below the minimum for their level.

IWJG Member account balances are for show expenses only. We give you a bonus on top of your payment and those balances cannot be used for Hotels, Merchandise, Dues, Shipping, Advertising, etc.

All Club accounts become Due when the Member only has a residual balance from the bonus the IWJG provided.

The Club accounts are overdue when a negative balance appears for the Club account.

Overdue Club accounts are not able to access any of the additional benefits or privileges of Club membership including early entry, table selection and the 10% bonus for renewing before the account is overdue

Note: Any mention of the IWJG on your website, eBay listings, etc., requires explicit approval from the IWJG.

I had a very good show that was better than my last out of country event without the deep investment in expense and time out of the country..
I've been a member for many years and it's one of the Best Jewelry venues available for true Jewelery & Fine Watch enthusiasts!