IWJG August 2017 Long Beach Show Report

Most of you know that our SoCal Show is our smallest event of the year… It really is an opportunity for many of our members to plan a vacation with their families or friends around all of the activities in California and take two days for a watch event and pay for it all!!! This year the weather was perfect and a lot of our attendees took (some are still out here) advantage of all that SoCal has to offer. In fact, we had lunch with Andrew Cohen from Back East today at the Dana West Yacht Club… Thank you Andrew for setting some time aside for me today. Great lunch!!!

The Long Beach Show started off a little slow on Monday morning but by 9:30 there was traffic in the room and lots of business to be done. Traffic stayed good all day long and here is what we heard from our members reporting in...

Greg Esses, Kurt Rothner and Charlie Jansson all reported in with a good Long Beach Show... Peter Grumman had a good LB Event.

Kris Strizzi reported in with very good results... Alex Pinkhasov, thought Long Beach was a Very Good Event and was glad they came... Mike Cotez from Newport Beach had a really good event.

Chuck Kaderabek from San Diego, stayed over at the Queen Mary with his family, bought some product, sold some product and was glad he came... Steve Parkhurst, also from San Diego, had a Really Good Show.

Glen Edwards from Arizona had a Good Show... Max Bankin, from Miami, did Good Business at the IWJG Show but was wishing he had more time to spend in the Good Weather in Southern California... Jose Montilla from Venezuela said his Event was Really Good... Kamran Shak, from LA, thought this was a good August Show…Alfonso Valencia said he had Good results in California and the weather was icing of the cake. Ira Mish from NoCal, said he did some business and was glad he was in Long Beach.

Jennifer Chu said the SoCal Event was Great for her and she was busy like crazy for both days…Andrew Cohen had a very Good Event in LB and Greg Moss from Atlanta thought Long Beach was a Great Show!!! That’s about all I have room for here!!!

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