IWJG August 2017 July Brooklyn Show Report

Summer events are a little on the smaller side but some of our members love a show that is not gigantic. Many members are on vacation. The 47th street business district closes for the first two weeks in July and almost all of Europe is on vacation during the summer. We are fortunate to be able to do the business that we do during the Summer months with our great dealer/members.

The first day of any Summer International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show is always a little crazy. The 7:30 gang is always in line and ready to go and then the membership just trickles in. It was that way on Monday the 24th at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, by 10:30 there was a crowd and a buzz in the room that stayed strong until about 4:00 in the afternoon. Tuesday starts off slow and by again 10:30 there is action in the room until midafternoon when some of our members start heading home.

Some of our 400 to 500 members in attendance came in early to enjoy New York, attend the New York Antique Show, The JANY Show and do some business before our show and some stayed after our event to work the NYC area. Several of our members felt that the market was soft and that softness had an effect on their results in New York at the JANY, The Antique Show and our event, but many of our members realize that Summer is what it is... The Market is what it is and find a way to keep doing business in spite of the things we can't control. Here is what we heard from our members that handed in a report...

Alex Ciani reported in with Really Good results and offered how much he loves our smaller events. We love having Alex at any and all of the IWJG Events... Robert Cooper said he had a Good Show and considering the market it was better than he had expected. Eddie Kurayev had a Really, Really Good Show in New York. Alan Larabure said hey, it's Summer. We did business... Glad we were here.

Yair Mizrhi had a Great Show. Max Bankin from Miami had a Good Show. Rafael Yagudayed reported a Good New York Show. Ariel Shimunov said he did some good business at the show. He sold merchandise and bought some goods that he needed.

Don and Justin Gruenberg said they had a Really Good Event and added that they also love our smaller shows. There is not as much drama and you can work with the buyers better. Thank both of you and Doug, for being such a quality part of the IWJG.

Todd Jones had a good Show. Side note; Todd bought a Diamond Ring from one of our other members. When Todd looked at it, he knew it was priced way to low. Todd took it back and said "I like it, but I think there is a mistake on the pricing." Todd returned the Ring and stopped the other IWJG Member from having a very bad day. Todd represents what is great about our membership family... We care about each other. Way to go Todd!!!

Alex Nagel said you have to work to make things happen in this market... I had a Really Good Show!!! Benny Ahdoot said, "Thank God, I had a Great Show." We are giving thanks to the same Guy Benny. Thank you for being a part of our events.

Alex Pinkhasov had a Great Show. He brought great merchandise and his results indicate that he is in touch with the market, Andrew Cohen reported that his New York Show was Really, Really Good. He bought a lot of great merchandise that means that someone at the show benefited from Andrew's buying. Alfonso Valencia had a so, so show in New York. Alfonso, thank you for coming. You are always a great addition to the IWJG events. May you have Great Results in California next month!!! Yukihiro Yanagi checked in with Good Show results.

Minh Hoang observed that in a slow market plus Summer, he sold some, bought some and thought it was a decent show all around. He added that he thought that the IWJG Shows in the US is the best place to do business, with all that's going on in the world. Thank you, Minh, for your kind words and your gift of delicious fruit!

Ed Faber said he had to really work the event but in the end, he had a good show buying and selling... It's a tough market he said but he had a Good IWJG Show!!! Richard Crumley said between our show and the Antique event he did business and was glad he was in New York!!!

Stephen Lax, from Dallas, had a Really Good Show. Found some great merchandise and was glad he was in New York for the IWJG Show... Abdella Alyhabib said that considering it was Summer and with all that's going on in the world and our industry, he had good results in New York.

Pietro Magliocca reported in with a Really, Really Good Show report... He loves our smaller events!!! Thank you, Pietro,!! Michael Anderson had a great show. He found some tremendous pieces of merchandise and bought them!!! Josh Buchlovich was happy and had a Good Show in NYC!

Last but not least, one of our Young Guns, Luke Rottman, took a table for the first time at an IWJG Show. On his way out, he stopped me with a huge grin on his face. Luke said "this was my best Show Ever!" Luke, we are so proud of you. Continued success with your Watch Business and your studies in College.

We had more positive Show Reports but this is all that we have space for here... This was a Good Summer Show.

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