IWJG July 2016 New York Show Report

Summer events are a little on the smaller side but some of our members love a show that is not gigantic. Many members are on vacation. The 47th street business district closes for the first two weeks in July and almost all of Europe is on vacation during the summer. We are fortunate to be able to do the business that we do during the Summer months with our great dealer/members.

The first day of any Summer International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show is always a little crazy. The 7:30 gang is always in line and ready to go and then the membership just trickles in. It was that way on Monday the 25th at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, by 10:30 there was a crowd and a buzz in the room that stayed strong until about 5:00 in the afternoon. Tuesday starts off slow and by again 10:30 there is action in the room until mid-afternoon when some of our members start heading home.

Some of our 600 members in attendance came in early to enjoy New York, attend the New York Antique Show, The JANY Show and do some business before our show and some stayed after our event to work the NYC area. Several of our members felt that the market was soft and that softness had an effect on their results in New York at the JANY, The Antique Show and our event, but many of our members realize that Summer is what it is...The Market is what it is and find a way to keep doing business in spite of the things we can’t control. Here is what we heard from our members that handed in a report...

Eli Lerner reported that New York was a Great Show for him. One of his best ever!!! Robert Cooper said he had a Good Show and considering the market it was better than he had expected. Eddie Kurayev had a Really, Really Good Show in New York, Ariel Shimunov said he did some good business at the show. He sold merchandise and bought some goods that he needed. Robert Beggs had a good show as did Drew Knohl.

Daved Ekstra had a Great Show. Andrew Cohen reported that his New York Show was Really, Really Good. He had a lot of great merchandise that he bought from someone!! Mike Curley from Missouri had a good NYC Event. Albert Babadzhanov said he had a Good Show especially with the state the industry is in. Maricela Reyes had a Good NYC Show. Alfonso Valencia had a Good Show. Armando Martinez from Chicago had a Good Show. It’s a tough market he said but he had a Good IWJG Show!!! Constantini Fabrizo said that considering is was Summer and with all that’s going on in the world, they had good to very good results in New York.

Pietro Magliocca reported in with very good results and Roman Sharf said New York was GREAT!!! His Best Summer Show ever!!! If you did not have these results...We just want you to know that there is business being done in the room!!! Get some of the ACTION!!! Let us know if we can help you!!!

What was selling...The normal $5,000 to $25,000 Rolex items, but there were some higher priced pieces selling and movement in other Brands in NYC. We don’t know if this is a trend or not...We're just reporting what we heard in The City!!! All right, that wraps up New York and we can’t wait for SoCal on the 29th and 30 of August.

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