IWJG July 2015 New York Show Report

It was a typical July Summer Show. We had some members tell us the show was soft for them while other members were ecstatic and their reports ran from "exceeded all my expectations" to "Better than awesome"

Here is what we heard from the actual membership in New York; Jordan Gelerman sold out of one of his cases on Monday alone. He had a great show. Robert Beggs said for a summer event, this was a good show. Pam Benson from Chicago had a good show and a great dinner with Jeff Cohen at Queen. Kiki Kim had a pretty good show especially for July. Manuel Strauss said his show was ok and that an ok show in July is a good thing!!!Gabe Gonzales reported a great show and Robert Matatov had a good show. Ricardo Franze from Miami had a good show. Drew Knohl reported good results. Tommy LaBret had a good New York event. Mark Nance was happy! Avi Haieve bought a lot at the July show.

Kamil Hakimian said he had a good July event in New York and that he did a lot more business in New York than he would have done staying home in Chicago. Jessica Schnaider said she did some decent business and she was glad she came to the show. Jeff Cohen from Chicago did some good business. Don Gruenberg had a good show and was glad they came. Ben Honigman had a decent show especially for July.

Richard Reichback told me that considering the market and the fact that this is July he had a decent outing. Roman Buslovich from Chicago mirrored Richards's comments about the time of year and the world market and said he had a good show. Daniel Pasternak on the other hand said his show never really got off to a good start in fact he described his result as starting off slow and tapering (there you go Daniel).

Gulio Bonaccio reported "I worked hard, had a good show, thank God!" AMEN!!! Marecela Reyes was a little nervous Monday but Tuesday was GREAT and she had a good show. Newton Ng said he worked very hard, bought a lot. Had a good New York event. Now Newton and his family are off on a cruise to Italy and Spain…Have fun!!! Minh Hong had a good show. Lou Briscoe sold some stuff. Bought some stuff and had a good summer show.

Luke Rotman of the Watchadviser reported in with a great show. Alfonzo Valencia said "not bad, not bad at all considering the marketplace and the fact that it's summer!! Katlyn Porcello told me they did good business and that they were glad they came to New York!!!Michael Pollicino had a good July event! Eddie Kurayev said "this is a soft market, it's summer and I did business..." Not Bad!!!

Fred Hakimian had just finished the Antique Jewelry and Watch Show and said he did ten times more business at the IWJG event... Way to go Fred. Greg Moss from Atlanta had a GREAT SHOW and Peter Chou had one of his best shows EVER!!!

We're hearing from everyone that the market is soft right now, but business is still being done. The marketplace is specific about what merchandise it wants and the prices change constantly. Margins for most items are not large but if you are in line with the right merchandise and are in line with current pricing there is business out there for buyers and sellers. We had over 700 dealers from 20 countries in attendance... It's great being at an IWJG SHOW!!! That is about all we have for New York...

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