IWJG July 2014 New York Show Report

Depending on who you spoke with you might have thought the members had attended different shows. Some found the show to be exceptional while others reported soft results. The energy for New York was definitely different. We had so many members transferring over from the Antique Show late Sunday night that you could feel the tiredness in the room at about 9:00 AM, but by 11:00 AM there was a nice buzz and it stayed in the room all day long. Tuesday we had additional members coming in from the Antique Show and there was a new wave of IWJG Members that hit the floor and for many of our members Tuesday was their busy day on the show floor.

What was moving? The usual suspects in modern Rolex (especially) saw strong pricing. Vintage pieces were also strong at this show. Breitling and Panerai seemed a little soft in some models. High end complicated watches are still selling. The European members found the exchange rate very beneficial and spent lots of money taking advantage of the weak US dollar.

This is what we heard about the show from specific members; Matt Bain had a good buying show, while Barry Blank had a good buying and selling show. Martha Mendoza from Miami had a very good event. Aeraj Shah reported in with a good show and Sam Sallum reports that New York was a really good show for him.

Steve Fishman (have a great trip to Poland) reported good results and Eddie Kurayev had a very good event. Temuri Nanikashvili said "I had to work it but it was a good show for me." Igal Hiamov stayed late on Tuesday and wound up with a good show. Ariel Shimunov found the action a little soft but wound up with a decent show.

Los Angeles diamond and jewelry dealer Vik Berghoudian worked hard and had a good show. Pietro Magliocca reported a very good show as did Dan Rahmanim diamond dealer from Chicago. Alex Negel from Denver was tired but had a good show. Gabe Gonzales missed his baby daughter and couldn't wait to get home but he said he did what he needed to do and it was a good show.

Ed Ticheli said "we made something happen; it was a good July show." Marisela Reyes had a really good show for July. Doug Giard had a good summer show. Armando Martinez had a good show but he had to work for it and Fred Hakimian super diamond dealer from Chicago had a GREAT SHOW.

These are just a few of the reports given by members. Summer shows are always different. Traffic is down a little from our other shows but you have 800 or 900 dealers that paid to come into the show to buy and/or sell. If you had the right merchandise, were in tune with current market levels and wanted to sell and or buy, you were successful!! New York was a good solid summer event! If we can help in any way please let us know... Your success is our success!

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