IWJG August 2018 Los Angeles Show Report

If you were not there, we do not know what to tell you... The event was larger than our August Event of 2017... Buyers Traffic was crazy on Monday... Thanks to all of you who joined us at the Loews Hollywood Hotel for our last Event of Summer 2018!!! Here is what we heard from some of you...

Paul Fox stayed busy for the entire show and reported that he had a Good LA Event... Alex Pinhkasov, had a Good Show and stayed over to enjoy SoCal and the Weather!!!

Matthew Green was Glad he came to SoCal and in fact he is staying over by the Beach until the end of the Month... He's taking a Vacation from the Heat and Humidity in South Florida this time of year!!! Rock on Matthew!!!

Jordan Gellerman had a Busy IWJG Show and commented on how much he Loves LA in August!!! Jennifer Chu had a Good Event and was glad to be back in the Los Angeles area and enjoying the SoCal Weather!!!

Yanagi Yukihiro, sold a lot of watches, in fact he was bemoaning the fact that he only had a few watches left... We saw his case and he was not exaggerating. We are Happy for you Yanagi!!

Micha Motale had a Good Show in Hollywood... We were glad you came Micha... It is always better when Micha’s there!!! Bijan Javaheri had a Good Show and was Glad to be here in LA in August instead of anywhere else!!! Eli Borochoff, was delighted with his results in LA!!! Jose Montilla reported in with a Good Event... He brought his family with him and said "I Love LA!!!"

Ali Choker brought LaRue (his Wife) with him and after a Good IWJG Show, they are going over to Las Vegas and then coming back to SoCal for a few days before they return to Florida!!! Let us know if we can help while you are in Southern California!!! Andrew Cohen had a Good Show and commented on how much he loves the IWJG LA Show in August... The Show is always Good and the weather is the Best this time of year!!! Kris Strizzi, loved the LA Event and said he wishes the IWJG would have more shows BUT Please do not stop coming to SoCal in August... The Business is Good and the weather is GREAT!!! Thank you, Kris and all of you for your Show reports!!!!!!

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