IWJG July 2011 New York Show Report

The International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show on July 27th & 28th at the Metro Pavilion in New York City, was not to be missed. We hope you were there. It was a New York City record for the IWJG. We had almost 1000 dealers and guests attending the Show. Were sold out of tables, safes, cases and anything else we could bring to New York. It was an amazing show.

The morning of the 27th (the first day) started off in controlled fashion, by 11:30 AM the action was going at a frenzied pace, and it stayed that way throughout the afternoon. Thursday morning the action was a little soft, but by 1:00 it was crazy on the floor and it stayed that way until closing.

We reported that we had new members from France make their first show in Chicago. They came back to New York and were all smiles when the show ended. New York was another sell out for our new French members.

Other members that made a point of reporting a good show were, Byron Eder, Tommy Labret, Jeff Harris, Matt Bain, Gabe Arik, Marisela Reyes, John Brozek Don Breier, Dennis Nichinson, Mike Fonz , Fred Hakimian and too many others to list here. 1 to 1.5 and 2 carat diamonds are still very strong. Watches continue to sell in the larger sizes and in modern models. Dealers report that the 36 to 38 millimeter men's sizes are moving in the womens markets. The great news is our merchandise is selling. Keep your inventory fresh and priced right and you will have great shows.

New York was a great show and this was July. We can't wait to see what October in New York brings to the IWJG Show. Remember we will be back at the Metro Pavilion for the October show. Between now and then we will see you in Los Angeles (August) and Las Vegas (September).

If you would like to share your show report with our membership, submit it as soon after the show as possible to Info@iwjg.com, attention Joe Nelson and we will do our best to include all comments.

For updates, check your e-mails, visit the IWJG website at www.IWJG.com or join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theiwjg or Twitter at www.twitter.com/iwjg.

Serving the Best Membership in the World!!!
Olga Cortez Bullock, Joe Nelson and the IWJG Staff


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