IWJG June 2017 Miami Show Report

Monday started off with good action for a Summer Show, especially in June after the events in Las Vegas. Tuesday was good but also hot in the afternoon even with the fans we brought in. We got through it (with your help) and here is some of what we heard from our members in attendance...

Mario Damm had a Good Show in Miami... Jordan Gellerman had a Good event and is looking forward to New York!!!Jennifer Chu had a Good Miami Show… Jennifer found some good buys on the Miami Floor!!!

Marco De Angelo had a Good Show in Miami... Glen Edwards said he had a Good Show and thanked Olga for the added security at the Deauville!!! Fabian Ergas said they did some Good Business and they were glad they came, even though the lack of A/C was a drag!!!

Jessica Schnaider thought Miami was exactly what she expected from a June Event… Thank you for coming Jessica and getting through the heat with us!!! Eddie Kurayev had a Good Show in Miami!!! Lior Chen thought Miami was Good for a June Show!!!

Adonis Chavalampous (a new member) had a Good Show and bought a lot!!!

Aleksander Pinkhasov said they did some Good Business and thoroughly enjoyed Miami Beach. Glad they came... He got a little Sun Tan while at the Show!!!

Alfonso Valencia thought Miami was a good June Show. Did some business and was glad they came!!! Roman and Josh Buchlovich, from Chicago, were happy in Miami. They made some money... Spent some money and stayed a few extra days to enjoy Miami Beach... That's the way to do it, in the Summer, Guys!!!

We will end this report with Fred Hakimian again because we think he said it all perfectly... "I had a Good Show in Miami, even in the hot ballroom. I bought a lot of good merchandise and Miami was better than last year." Thank you, Fred... Again, we all missed Sheva!!!

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