IWJG June 2016 Miami Show Report

The International Watch and Jewelry Guild Summer Shows are a different world. They tend to be smaller because many of our members are on vacation with their families and many take time away from their business for other adventures. As we all know, in 2016, we are also dealing with an insecurity in the global marketplace and the political structure of major parts of the civilized world.

The great news is through June, July, and August, we continue to do business at our events, because if for no other reason, the IWJG members are the best Watch and Jewelry dealers in the entire world. That's a fact!!!

Monday morning at the IWJG Miami show (Hilton Miami Downtown, 1601 Biscayne Blvd.) had about 50 or 60 dealers waiting in line just to get through the front door at 7:30 a.m. By 9:00 a.m., there was a buzz in the room and money and merchandise were changing hands. While Miami in June, is not one of our larger shows (like Vegas in May), with over 500 dealers in the room,there was plenty of business for the people who had the right merchandise at the right price to sell or realistic expectations of the market value for merchandise that they wanted to buy.

The action stayed steady throughout the morning and afternoon. See the pictures on our Facebook page to relive the moment. Tuesday started off a little slow (as Tuesdays will do) but by 10:00 there was action in the room. Tuesday’s tend to taper off earlier than Mondays but some of our members talked about finding good business as some of the members packed up a little early and headed home. The reports were all over the spectrum as some of our members thought they found the action a little soft. Other members were ecstatic over their results. Here is a portion of what we heard…

Byron Eder from Florida had a really good show in Miami…Keith LeClerc said he had a good event in Miami as well…George Cronfel reported that he had good results…Richard Markow had a Very Good outing in Miami and was pleased with his results. Peter Geykman from Los Angeles had a Very Good event in Florida. Chase Ahluwalia reported a Really Good Show. He said” I sold all the watches I brought, bought some more and sold out again. That’s as good as it gets!!!

Andrew Cohen reported a Really, Really Good Show. I bought a lot of good watches in Miami, was Andrew’s comment…Somebody was selling to Andrew!!! Maricela Reyes had a really good event in South Florida. Al Babadzhanov did some really good business at the IWJG Show…Alfonso Valencia reported good show results.

Manuel Strauss handed in a Very Good Show Report. He said he didn’t stay in his booth but instead worked the floor and wound up with Very Good Results. Mr. Strauss knows how to work the room and in a soft market that’s important!!! Ariel Shimunov bought some good watches in the Miami Show…Texan Todd Jones, had a Good Show in SoFl. Edward Aleman reported a Good Show and was glad he came to Miami. Roman Buslovich from Chicago said he did business but he really had to work the room. “No one was grabbing merchandise out of my case”. He had to go out and find the business. Bob Wingate had similar results and also said he had to work the room.

Jennifer Chu reported good results in Miami and Marco Damm said he did some business but he really likes these Miami events, he wants us to do more in the city on Biscayne Bay… In case you haven’t guessed, Marco lives in Miami!!! Frank Manzo and his wife were excited about their results in Miami. It was a very good show for them and they visited the restaurant Zest and like many of our members and staff…LOVED IT!!!

Last but not least, Luke Rottman the purveyor of Thewatchadviser.com couldn’t wait to tell me about his show… He loved the Miami Show. Luke said that Miami was his Best Watch Show EVER!!! Glad to hear it Luke!!!

What was moving…According to most reports ROLEX, ROLEX, ROLEX…Most watches that were moving were in the $5,000.00 to $25,000.00 price range. Higher price goods and lower price goods, by and large were moving slow. This is not is stone but it indicates a trend from our members.

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