IWJG June 2015 Miami Show Report

Monday morning started off with about 150 members waiting in Line to get into the ballroom. The pace was a little soft (typical summer event) until about 10:00 am and then it was really busy until closing time.

Tuesday (once again typical) started off a little quiet but by 10:30 the joint was jumpin', and many members reported that even thought we seemed to have more attendees in on Monday that they did a lot of business on Tuesday. Three things I heard over and over again... The world economies are uncertain... It's Summer... Finally, ROLEX... ROLEX... ROLEX... In all honestly, jewelry seems a little soft but it's still moving. The strange market that we are dealing with worldwide makes the deals a little harder to come by, but there is a lot of business being done!!!

We had over 600 of the best Dealers in the world with us in Miami, offering the best merchandise at the best prices anywhere... Forget summer show, there was business was being done in South Florida???

Here is what we heard from our membership... Minh Hoang said "I bought some and sold some. I'm glad I came to Miami." Robert Beggs reported that he had a decent event, not great but better than he expected for a summer show. Sam Sallum was happy and said this was a good show especially for a June outing. Gary with Alex Feldman reported that he had to work hard for the business but there was business to be done if you worked at it. Dusty Clem (tell Trent we miss him Dusty) and Dave Larson reported good results. Bijan Ahdoot said we did business in Miami. Glad we came! Carlos LePlon from Aventura found Miami to be a good show and better than he expected for June.

Robert Ramos said "what do people expect , it's a summer show but I did business". Jacob Herzog summed it up like this. "It's summer. It's Miami and we did more business than if we had stayed home". Thank you Jacob. Howard Bilford put it this way "decent show, not like the good old days but still a decent show especially for June". Erik Boneta worked hard in Miami and did business.

Peter Berlin said that Miami was about what he expected for June but he did business and it was better that staying home and cutting the grass!!! Karl Urban smiled and said "I had a decent June show". Alfonzo Valencia had a good show and is glad we moved the June event to Miami.

Harry Setian reported that he did decent business. He loves the Miami event and he had a good show. Thank you Harry. Roman Shalomov had a good show and loves having June in Miami.

Asobu Yoda had a very good event and when I asked what was selling... ROLEX... ROLEX... ROLEX! Justin Gruenberg said we had a good show and love Miami. Tommy Labret said this was better than I expected for a June show. Thanks for coming from Detroit Tommy. Ariel Shimunov had better results than he expected for a June event. Decent show he said with a smile.

Ben Honnigman bought some, sold some, had a decent show especially considering that it's June and I love the move to Miami!!! What was moving according to Ben, modern ROLEX, ROLEX, ROLEX! Massimiliano Cox had a good event as did Bennyahoo Ahdoot.

Member Adhoot said there were great buys on the floor and he wished he had brought more funds for buying. Next time Ben. Eddie Kurayev said that he gives Miami a big two thumbs up and loves having the June event in South Florida. We're here for you Eddie(that's true).

Alex Negel from Denver had a decent event for June and Pietro Magliocca said he was glad he came to Miami. He had a vacation in Miami plus an IWJG Show and that equals some business and some fun. Glad we could accommodate you Pietro!!! Marc Abercrombie was happy with his results especially considering that this was our June event. The Porcello's are glad they came all the way from the Pacific Northwest to Miami. We're also glad you came. Maricella Reyes did some good business and loves the show in Miami. Joe Demesy said that Monday started off a little slow but by Tuesday closing he had done some good business and was glad he came to Miami.

Doug Gruenberg turned a really good show report and added that he didn't have his final numbers yet but June Miami might be his best event ever!!! Doug loves the June move to Miami!!!

And finally, this is the report filed from Miami by Luke Rottman for the website www.thewatchadviser.com.

"Wow! Time sure flies when you’re having fun! The June Miami IWJG show was, without question, a superlative event. I found that important Rolexes, valued in excess of $50,000, and Pateks, under $20,000, were the fastest sellers in the room. I’d consider this a buying show more than anything. I was fortunate enough to acquire a handful of unusual vintage watches competitively-priced. For instance, I picked up a Rolex GMT Master 1675 “Cornino” for under $10,000, in fabulous condition, on a mint old-style jubilee bracelet! While “exploring” the show, I came across the first Rolex 6239 Double Swiss Daytona—accompanied by box and papers, a green smooth bezel Rolex “Stella” dial Day-Date (very much in-demand these days), a flawless Longines 13ZN yellow gold tri-color chronograph, and a possibly-unique exhibition case Rolex Bubbleback. As for contemporary watches, the show had many superb offerings. I noticed numerous baguette-bezel Rolex Daytona watches for sale. Surprisingly, many dealers also brought along Cloisonné dial watches by such manufactures as Ulysse Nardin. By the time the show had concluded, it seemed like only an hour went by. I can’t wait till Brooklyn!" We will see you there Luke!!!

That's what we heard and of course we talked to some members that wished for better results from Miami but with over 600 dealers in the room, if you had the right merchandise, were priced in line with the market (it is a market you know) and if you wanted to sell or buy you could stay busy in Miami.

Jewelry seems to be a little softer than the watch side of our business but I saw a lot of certified stones moving in Miami.

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