IWJG June 2014 Chicago Show Report

What a fun trip. Unfortunately Chicago had to come a week earlier than usual because of the 4th of July Holiday. Some of you were still in Hong Kong and as usual we had members on vacation... The members that came had a good time and the majority had a good show to boot.

All of our Summer Shows tend to be a little smaller than our other shows, but some members tell me that that works to their advantage. The shows are not as crazy (Remember Las Vegas) as some of the larger shows and they actually get to work with new customers at a slower pace and develop relationships not just the one time sale. Remember many of our Chicago guests only come to Chicago.

The fishing trip was great as Nicholas Kaderabek (Chuck and Lynn's 9 year old son) kicked all of our rear ends with the largest fish. Jake Rokhlin from Atlanta caught his first salmon and Carlucci's out did themselves on our fish dinner Sunday night. Joe Nelson, Executive Director of the IWJG said "it was a good day to be on the water with our IWJG Members. Chuck, thank you and Lynn for the ride back to the Hotel when our ride didn't show up at the harbor."

Thanks also go out to Larry Hyman and the Chicago Jewelers Association for participating in our members FREE LUNCH on Monday! We hope you all enjoyed it!!

As far as the IWJG Show at the Crowne Plaza.. we will just let the reports speak for themselves... Karl Urban and Peter Berlin reported good show results. Fred Hakimian said "it exceeded all my expectations." Byron Eder said this was a good show. Pamela Benson had a VERY good show. Mike Mertaban said "we had a good show and we love coming to Chicago." Mark Nance said "Chicago was a good smallish summer show. Not bad at all." Marisela Reyes had a very good watch show and a GREAT soccer game. Ben Honigman said this was a good little summer show.

Ariel Shimunov reported that he had a good show and that if he had brought more merchandise he would have sold more. Jose Montilla had a good show. Giovanni Siracusa, had a good show. Robert Ramos had a good show but his Monday was great!

Keita Yamaguci had a very good watch show. Minh Hoang reported a good Chicago show. Ricardo Franze reported a very good show. Eddie Kurayev said Chicago was a little soft for him but Alfonso Valencia had a VERY good show in Chicago.

Robert Beggs reported that they did good business and that they would love to come back to Chicago. Last but not least, Sam Sallum said "Chicago was a great show for me... Better than Las Vegas."

Just remember that even at a small show, we have 600 to 700 dealers in the room over the two days. Those members have paid to come in to BUY merchandise. If you bring quality merchandise and want to sell it at near market prices, someone will buy it. The reports from Chicago are the norm not the exception... We want all of you to do well

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