IWJG May 2014 Las Vegas Show Report

Las Vegas May 2014 was amazing on so many levels... We knew the show was going to be special just by the number of packages that the armored carriers brought in on Sunday and the fact that the Pavilion Ballroom was completely filled and we were sold out... Unbelievable! Monday morning started out with a BANG! And did not slow down all day long... We had over 1,200 dealers in the room on Monday alone... The buzz on the floor was incredible... You had to leave the floor to take a phone call it was so loud... With 350 tables, there was plenty for them all to see... It was our largest Vegas Show ever... Then came Tuesday... Typical Vegas second day. It was a little slow at the start, but by 10:00, the joint was jumping and did not stop all day long. One of our members came up to us on Tuesday and said "if I hadn't been here yesterday I would think this was Monday, it's so busy." We had several guests on Tuesday from Amazon, the Antique Show, Rapaport (including Martin Rapaport) and others... They were all blown away by the size of the show and the quantity and quality of your merchandise plus the vast expertise that is available from our membership, on the IWJG floor. You were pretty impressive!! Who was selling/buying, almost everybody we think. We know a few of you had soft show reports but the VAST majority reported in with a good show.

Joe Akar said "oh my gosh, unbelievable in a very good way." Mark Porcello had a good show. Karl Urban and Peter Berlin reported good shows. Barry Shocat had a good Las Vegas event. Daniel Pasternak had a good show. Mark Nance was smiling and said "I'm glad I came." Paul Duggan from Boston said "my show was a little soft at first but I wound up with a good show." Giovanni Siragusa (sp) had a GREAT Show as did Jacob Herzog. Yona Sepiashvil (sp) said "I brought the wrong merchandise but there were so many people here I did OK." Jacob Fried had a good show. Steve Fishman had a good show (sorry about the mishap Steve). Felix Torres had a good show. Joe Kashani, Fred Hakimian, Dan Rahamian (sp) and Maricella Reyes all had very good shows (Dan's was Great). Byron Eder had a great show. Kiki Kim, Jonathan Mahgerefteh and Jeff Knepper had good shows. Ryutaro Gomi and Michele Motale had very good results. Alex and Gary of A&G Jewelers had a good show as did Roman and Arthur of Luxury Bazaar. Armando Martinez continues to adjust his inventory and is seeing good results. Pietro Magliocca and Ron Geweniger both reported in with very good results. Lu Bristoe had a very good show as did Issami Sheromi. Ken Bowers had only one word for this show "unbelievable!" We had so many other good reports (including many of you that ask to not be quoted) but I am running out of room. Thanks go out to all of you that report in, it makes my life so much easier... Thank you.

Overall, this was a Great Show. If you did not have the best results, consider this... We had over 1,500 members (and guests) that paid to come into the show to buy and/or sell. If you had the right merchandise, had it priced at market levels and wanted to sell, you should have been successful! The majority of our members were... Maybe it's time (if you did not get the results you wished for) to reevaluate your inventory or pricing positions... Just a thought... We want you all to have the best show experience possible..If we can help... Let us know.n

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