IWJG June 2011 Chicago Show Report

This is a first for the International Watch and Jewelry Guild.....A Fishing Report. Before we get to the IWJG Show in Chicago, here is the Local fish report.

Gregg Esses and several of our members went Salmon fishing in Lake Michigan the day before the show. If you do not know about the Salmon population and the fishing industry that has built up around Chicago; it is nothing less than spectacular. The members that went fishing all limited out by 8:30 in the morning. A restaurant in the area cooked some of their catch for a delicious dinner Sunday night and I was told they shipped lots of fresh Salmon home. A great fishing trip and an IWJG Show all on one three day trip. We Like IT! Now back to business and on to watches and jewelry.

Chicago was obviously smaller than Las Vegas but sometimes our dealers tell us that they do better at our shows that are not quite so large. The list of International Watch and Jewelry Guild members that made a point of telling us that they had a very good show was amazing. We know some of our membership found the action a little soft especially after Las Vegas. This is summer. The inventory turn cycle is a little longer through the summer for several reasons, but primarily it's because at any given time 20% to 25% of the dealers are either getting ready to go on vacation, they are on vacation, or they are just getting back from vacation and are not yet in full swing. Adjust to the longer churn cycle by bringing merchandise that will turn (and merchandise you need to turn) and stay in tune with pricing. It can change several times within a show.

We had new members from France that were concerned about low volume on Monday morning. They made some adjustments and by the end of the day they were completely sold out. They were ecstatic. They sold everything and immediately signed up for New York. Other members that made a point of reporting a good show were John Brozek, Byron Eder (all smiles), Tommy Labret, Matt Bain, Gabe Arik, Marisela Reyes, Don Breier, Garry Zumalt, Dennis Nichinson, Mike Fonz , Howard Frum, Fred Hakimian and many, many others. The Crowne Plaza is such an easy venue and with Gibson's Restaurant, right next door, it is a good trip.

Many thanks to Larry Hyman and the Chicago Jewelers Association and the Illinois Jewelers Association for co-hosting our fun reception on Monday night. It was a very nice evening together and off the show floor. Chicago was a great show.

The Summer story is just beginning. More to come and the IWJG was headed to... New York City!

If you would like to share your show report with our membership, submit it as soon after the show as possible to Info@iwjg.com, attention Joe Nelson and we will do our best to include all comments.

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Olga Cortez Bullock, Joe Nelson and the IWJG Staff


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