IWJG May 2018 Las Vegas Show Report

If you missed Las Vegas in May, you missed a Really Good Event... We had over 1000 dealers in attendance on MONDAY ALONE and then, Tuesday had good traffic as well!!! It was Super Busy!!! Here's what we heard from our members in Las Vegas!!!

Christopher Altbaum had a Great Show and said he had no reason to be anywhere else but the IWJG Events.... Thank you, Christopher!!!

Jennifer Chu, had a Great Show... loved all the Traffic and Sold a Bunch!!! Natiale Issacoff had a Really Good Show and commented that Traffic was Great Both Days!!!Gary Zumalt reported in with Really Good Results from Las Vegas as did Seth Larribure...

Marc Lukaszewski texted me that Las Vegas was his Best Show Ever!!! Glad to hear it Marc!!! Detroit's own Tommy Lebret had a Good Show and it was Great to see Son-in-Law, Dino working the Show with him... Stephen Mazilli had a Great IWJG Show... Kris Strizzi from Atlanta reported in with a Really Good IWJG Event and is looking forward to Miami!!!

Chicago's own Harry Glinberg had a Good Show in the Desert. Andrew Cohen had a Good Show in both Buying and Selling!!!

Mickey Bullock reported in with a Really Good Event in Las Vegas... BTW Mickey, we love the Tie!!! Newton Ng reported in with Really Good Results in Vegas... Greg Moss from Atlanta turned in a Really Good Show Report and Joe Akar had to be at his Daughters Graduation but sent his employees and they said they were Happy they came to Sin City!!!

Robert Matatov had a Good IWJG Show and Ali Choker had a Good IWJG Show but was pacing himself because he had to be in Las Vegas for a full week!!!

Peter Chu had a Good Event in Las Vegas and Sam Sallum thought Las Vegas was Great and said it was as Good as his New York event which was Very Good!!! Max Bankin reported in with Good Results...

Alphonso Valencia said even though he was only at the IWJG Event for one day, he had a Good Show. Alphonso had to check in to the Hospital Sunday they kept him overnight and let him come back to us on Tuesday... We are all Glad you are all right!!! A lot of things are important but your health is Very Important!!!

David Goldstein had a Great Show and said he loved Las Vegas!!! This last report is from Fred Brown... we will let it speak for itself... "I have not attended the show in the last few years and I have to say I really loved energy in the room on May 29th. I came in for one day as a buyer and I have to say I was very pleased with the quality of product on the floor. Even though the market value is through the roof on Rolex watches, I was able to purchase some good pieces at decent prices. Glad to be back!!!" Fred we were glad to have you back with us as well!!!

What was selling... Jewelry seems to be picking up and with Watches, right now it's Rolex... Rolex... Rolex!!! The market will change but that's what it is today!!! Great Show in Las Vegas, by the way, the IWJG had over 40 New Members sign-up at the Event in Las Vegas... That's exciting!!!

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