IWJG March 2014 Las Vegas Show Report

What a great weekend this has been for the International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show. The weather has been perfect and the show at The Tropicana Resort and Casino, 3801 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada, kicked off with a bang!

First thing Monday morning at 7:30 the lines were outside and the IWJG members were ready to come into the Pavilion Ballroom and get it started. The buzz stayed in the room all day and toward the end of the day we got just a few reports from the members. Here is what we heard:

Baha Turker from San Francisco said flat out "the best show ever!" Mark Santiago from Atlanta had a very good first day. Ariel Shimanov had a good show. Eddie Kurayev reported good results on Monday. Robert Wingate and Ed Ticheli both had a good first day. Natilio Saks said that he is having a good show. Andrew Shear called in a very good Monday. Michael Javaheri and Sonny Dwan had a good Monday and Claude Morady reported a very good show!

Eric Grochowiak and Mark Nance reported good shows, as did Paolo Manzoli and Ariel Shimunov . Micha Koutouzov reported in with a good show that was better than Miami! (We all remember what a show Miami was!). Greg Esses had a good show as did Bret Kopelman and Fred Hakimian. Marc Abercrombie and Doug Girard reported good shows. Charlie Jansen had decent results in Las Vegas. Richard Markow had a good show and so did Todd Jones. Baha Turker had his best Monday ever and wound up with a very good show overall. Natilio Saks reported a good show. Andrew Shear and Michael Javaheri both had good results. Sonny Dwan, Alex Ciani and Mark Santiago all reported good results.

Tommy LaBret had a very good show, as did Billy Oyster. Billy's partner in crime, Dave Larson said "Diamonds were moving like it was Christmas" and Dave means that it's a good thing. Joe Akar was smiling as he reported in with a really, really good show. Ricardo Franze from Vincenze, Italy said Las Vegas was a very, very good show for him. Constantine Baksheef had a very good show as did Claude Morady. Giuliano Bonaccio (IWJG's DJ), had a very good event as did Igal Haimov. Steve Fishman called in a really good show report (let's just hope he and his wife survived the trip in the Cobra to Los Angeles). Newton Ng had a very good outing in Las Vegas. Doug Gruenberg said he, Donald and Justin had a really good show at the Tropicana (we hope Justin is feeling better).

Manuel Strauss had a GREAT Show! Robert Ramos reported that IWJG Las Vegas was AMAZING. Farzad Sharim said his LVN show was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! Finally Leon Elterman reported "PHENOMENAL" results and Drew Knol put the icing on the Las Vegas cake with a one word report, "PERFECT". Las Vegas was a very good show for a large majority of our members... It felt pretty good to me as well. Thank you all for these reports and your great support for the IWJG. That will just about put a period on March 2014 Las Vegas except for this last item...

Shout outs to Adrian Kleiman, Gary Zumalt, Leo Brafman, Harry Setian and Byron Eder. Get well so we can have you back in good form and at full strength... Just know you are in our thoughts (in a good way).

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