IWJG April 2018 New York Show Report

New York was a Wonderful Event for the IWJG Members that were in attendance...and as promised, here is what we heard from some of our members about their New York results.

Alex Pinkhasov had a Good Show in New York. Alfonso Valencia and his group reported that they were Very Happy with their New York results.

Fred Hakimian had a Good Event in the Big Apple and reports that the Jewelry and Watch Business is coming back!!! Kamran Shak from LA reported in with a Good NYC Show... Ricardo Varela reported in with Good Results... Newton Ng who in addition to having a Good Show in New York was happy he found some Great Oysters on the half Shell for $1.00 each. Now that's a rare find!!!

Temuri Nanikashvili was Happy with his results in New York... Abdalla Alyaabib reported in with Good results and Maricela Reyes had an interesting and Very Good NY Event... Jordan Gellerman had a Good IWJG Show and Steve Fishman was glad he came to the New York Show and is looking forward to Las Vegas in May!

Jennifer Chu said she stayed busy Monday and Tuesday and had a Good Show...Kiky Kim just wishes he had brought more merchandise to New York!!! Luis Aparicio had a Really, Really Good Show Report.

Andrew Cohen reported in with a Really Good IWJG Event and then he was off to Hong Kong!!! Rafael Yagudayev thought his New York results were Very Good!!! McGirdish Kasparian was Happy with his New York results and Last but not least.... Sam Sallum smiled and said "Best Show Ever!!!!"

That's about all we have space for except to say, we are so fortunate to have the Best Watch and Jewelry Dealers in the world in attendance at our events... You are the Best and we are Glad for these Good Reports from the IWJG Event in New York and look forward to more Great Reports from Las Vegas!!! We appreciate each one of you!!!

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