IWJG February/March 2016 Las Vegas Show Report

If you have been following the IWJG on Facebook you have read postings for our members that had a GREAT Show in Las Vegas... Michel Motale posted a report on Facebook of a Great Show in Las Vegas and Ali Coker give his results as a Really, Really Good event (thanks to all of you that post your reports). Here is what else we heard... Byron Eder moved all the inventory he brought with him (every single piece) and found some amazing inventory on the floor to restock with. He was very happy.

Alphonso Valencia reported a really great show in Vegas. Bruno Bottazz, with offices in Paris and Mexcio City had a good event in the desert. Daniela Isoba reported a very good show and thought that Monday was Super, Super Busy!!!

Jordan Gellerman hopes that more of our members go to the International shows because he found quantities of great merchandise and was able to Buy, Buy, Buy and then Sell, Sell, Sell!!! Drew Knohl, from Miami had a good February show, and were glad they came to Las Vegas. Doug Giard, from Detroit, said he did what he needed to do in Sin City and that it was a good show for them. Mari Reyes said that she had a Really, Really Good Las Vegas IWJG event.

Pete Moreno had a good show report as did Edward Aleman, who said they did some real good business... Lajb Blatman had a good show, sold some merchandise and met several new customers!!! Robert Beggs said Vegas was a good show for us and that’s what Sam Sallum reported as well... Jose Montilla had a good Vegas outing and is looking forward to the Dallas Show in April.

Alex Negel thought Vegas was a typical February show and they did business... Robert Ramos had a good event as did Joe Akar from Miami. Jeff Knepper thought Monday was really good with great traffic and he was happy with his show results... Omer Zack reported in with a really good event as did Chase Ahluwalia from Los Angeles... Paul Fox had a good, good show in both buying and selling. Marc Abercrombie was all smiles and the invoices he showed me were amazing. No wonder he was happy... Congratulations Marc... As we said earlier Michle Motale reported in with a Great, Great Show.

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