IWJG February 2014 Orlando Show Report

Monday started out a little quiet, developed some energy during the day but many of our members found the show to be soft on Monday... but here are some of the positive reports from Monday... Vernon Oswald's show results were very good. Eddie Kurayev had a very good show and it's just Monday. Mike Mertaban said that this was very good. "It's a small show but a good show." Roman Buslovitch said Orlando was very good. Matteo Monticone said Orlando was a very good show and a pleasant surprise.

We will add some additional reports to the ones we have previously used. Many of our members reporting soft days on Monday had completely different reports on Tuesday. A few examples... Paul of David Fox reported "this was a good show, good buying, good selling, and we found some nice prices on Gold Rolexes". Ricardo Franze had such a good show that he signed up for all of the IWJG 2014 shows, at the end of the Orlando event!!! Joe Akar said that Monday was soft but Tuesday was such a good day, it turned Orlando into a very good show. Maricela Reyes said "I wanted to cry after Monday but I wanted to laugh and dance after Tuesday. Orlando was a good show." Greg Esses reported, "Orlando was a good show. It's one of our small events but I had good results." Tommy Labret reported, "Orlando was a good show. We had to work hard to make it happen but our results over the two days were good".  Jessica Schneider said that "at the end of Monday, I was depressed. But I kept working the show and Tuesday afternoon, the action kicked in and Orlando wound up being a very good show for me". Eddie Kurayev reported, in addition to a good Monday an excellent Tuesday as well. Sam Sallum had a good show, as did Ariel Shimunov. Aerag Shah had a very good show. Temuri Nanikashvili reported good show, GREAT Tuesday. Shalish Shah had a good show. Alberto Salinas found a few good buys in the room. Ali Choker said "in the end Orlando was a good show thanks to a nice recovery on Tuesday". Greg Esses also said "Orlando was a good show. It's small and you had to work it but I had good results". Felix Torres found good merchandise to take back for his stores and Effie Rothschild from New Orleans reported a good show. Marc Abercrombie said" this was a small show, but a good show." Natilio Saks had a decent show for a smaller event. Shane Krugergerman-Kadi had good action in Orlando. Tommy Labret told us "Orlando was a smaller show and we had to work it but at the end of Tuesday we had a good show." Our final submission is from Keith LeClerc who reported that Orlando was a good show for both buying and selling. Good action especially on Tuesday afternoon.  

Like we try to always remind you, these are not our reports, but quotes from your peers that worked the Orlando show on Monday and Tuesday. We had many more good reports but we are out of room. For those of you that left after Monday, or early on Tuesday, as we said earlier, as they say in fishing, "the bite turned on Tuesday afternoon." If you were there, it was great. If not, it was great fishing for those that were still in the pond on Tuesday afternoon at the IWJG show in Orlando... lesson learned - "never, never leave early, especially at a small show."

There were over 500 dealers in the room that had paid $250.00 for the opportunity to come in the room and buy. Late Tuesday we still had 250 to 275 dealers in the room looking for merchandise, how do you turn and walk away from that Marketplace complaining about a slow show? If you make the investment to come to the show, these results suggest you should stay till the end... Just a suggestion!!!

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