IWJG February 2011 Orlando Show Report

Most of you know Orlando came just nineteen days after Miami. We like to have at least 3 to 4 weeks between shows, but because many of our members like to attend more than one show on a trip (when they can) these dates had to hold... it could not be helped. Even so, the Orlando Show was VERY, VERY GOOD! Some even said it was TREMENDOUS! The venue, the Marriott World Center, could not have been nicer. Friendly people, gorgeous facility, 10 pools (we could not keep Fred Hakimian and his wife out of the water), very good restaurants and Vikens card game. What else do you need!!!

Mike Fonz, Steve Fishman, Bob Wingate, Gabe Arik, Tommy Labret, the Barnhills and many others reported in that they had strong Orlando shows. Florida member Drew Knohl reported that Orlando was fantastic for him with Modern Watches and Diamonds selling as fast as he could put them out. New Platinum Member Ray Arnold agreed that Modern Timepieces and Diamonds were moving quickly. Ray said that he sold everything he wanted to sell at the show.  Member Joe Akar from Florida reports Orlando was a tremendous show. He sold about 60% Modern Rolex, 30% Cartier and everything else was modern as well. Ron Gewiniger said Orlando (his 2nd best show ever) was so good he is dropping another commitment and picking up one more IWJG Show each year. If Miami was a Home Run, Orlando was a much needed solid triple. We will take a solid triple all day long!

One last note about Orlando. We held our annual members meeting on Sunday evening. We want to thank the 80+ members that attended and gave us their ideas on how to make the IWJG better.  We will let you know of all the ideas that came out of the meeting later this week but let us say now how much we appreciate the input. We don’t all see everything the same way but all of your ideas are always welcome and you do not have to wait for next year’s meeting. Let us know what you are thinking. We voted on the new members for the Arbitration Committee. Remember some members have been elected and some are appointed. If you would like to be considered for the committee but missed the Orlando meeting, send your request to us at info@iwjg.com, ATTN: Joe Nelson and we will put your hat in the ring. The new Arbitration Committee members will be announced before Las Vegas.

Housekeeping…Please remember to get your reservations in as early as possible for Las Vegas. It helps us take better care of you. We had members trying to make reservations at the Marriott as late as Friday and Saturday before the show. The Marriott was sold out. If you make your reservation and have to cancel call us a week before the show and we can work with you so you do not lose anything. We can roll it all over to the next show. Hotels are all different but with a little time we can help there as well. If something of an emergency nature comes up, let us know and we will do all in our power to help. Early reservations also reduce lines for opening day at the show plus it saves you money! Do not forget to pre-register your guests as well. We want everyone to have a great show experience. You are our members. Taking care of you is our business. Give us a little time and we can work wonders for you.

Next time we will report on our new home in the desert, the TROPICANA, Las Vegas Nevada!

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Serving the Best Membership in the World!!!
Olga Cortez Bullock, Joe Nelson and the IWJG Staff


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