IWJG February 2018 Miami Show Report

If you were not in Miami, you missed a great Show... The IWJG Management treated the IWJG Members to a Wonderful Super Bowl Party on Sunday... The food was Great... The Crowd was Great and the Game (no matter who you were rooting for) was Great!!!

Then Monday morning came around and we had about 150 members waiting in line at 7:30 and there was a line waiting to get in until 2:00 in the afternoon... We had almost 1300 attendees at the IWJG Event ... It was Great and the action in the room was Hot and Steady... Some of our members had not returned from Miami on Sunday and I promised you more complete report, so Here It Is!!!

Costantini Fabrizo had a Very Good Buying Show... Quentin Caruna, of Marque Supply in Irvine CA had a Good Show in Miami... Roberto Savignano loved his Miami results. Joe Demesy had a Good Show as did Bob Wingate...Stephan Marzilli reports Good results in Miami... Joe Akar had a really Good event in his home town!!!

Marco Damm reported Good Show results... Yair Mizrahi had Great Miami Results and was glad he came!!! Pam Benson Loved her results in Miami and Kept saying "Great Show, Really Great Show"... We are glad Pam!!! Christian Tonnetto was with us from Italy and said Miami was a Very Good Show for him!!

Doug Gruenberg said Miami might be his Best Show Ever... Avi Hiaeve said Miami was one of his Best Shows in memory!!! Victor Gordon from our northern neighbor, Canada, had a Great Show Report.

Jason Singer thought the Event was Great...Peter Geykman told me Miami was one of his Best Shows...Keith LeClerk had a Good, Good Show...Byron Eder had a Really, Really Good Show.

Dan Wiley reported in with another Really, Really Good event and Luke Rottman said Miami was a Great, Great Show. He reported he sold over 20 watches in the first hour on Monday!!! Way to go Luke!!!

Steve Dubinsky had a Very Good Show Report!!! Karl Urban reported Great Show Results. Alphonso Valencia had a Good, Good Show in Miami and is looking forward to Las Vegas.

Paul Duggan from Boston had a Really Good Show... Izzy Fuld thought Miami was a Good Event... Felix Torres had a Really Good Show in Miami... Mike Mertaban said Miami was one of his best shows in a long time Show ... It felt like the Good Old Days!!!

Last but not least, Micha Motale reported that Miami was his Best Show Ever!!!

We really appreciate all of the members that report their results... It makes it so much easier to give a factual account on our events with actual feedback from the Best Dealers in the World... The IWJG Members... Thank you all!!!

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