IWJG January 2015 Miami Show Report

What a Show. We read Giorgia Mondani's report from her Italian blog and she said that Miami, in her opinion, was the largest Watch Show she had ever attended... It was large and completely sold out... Not one unsold table... .What a show!!! Here is what we heard from the members in attendance...  Baha Turker from San Francisco had a phenomenal Miami event. He sold over 70 watches and that was only on Monday!!! He also said that considering the market place his margins were very good... Massimo Margaritelli had a great show and reported that Miami might have been the best watch show ever.

Issac Katz was all smiles and said that Miami was absolutely AMAZING!!! Richard Reichback reported a great result for Miami and then whispered to me that "this show is such a great value!!! Thank you for your kind words Richard... Alberto Salinas had a good show in buying and selling... Sonny Dwan had a very good show. He said that the room was jammed full of buyers!! Hey, that's a good thing!!!

Boris Shamayev had a very good show as did Andy Yesparro... Alfonso Valencia had a really good show, but likes the early January show better. They were both very good events for him... John Buckley had an excellent event and Nick Jodloski from the UK reported a great event in Miami!!!
Tommy Labret had a terrific show and Rich Markow said his show was great and then added "AMAZING!!!".

Dan Rahmanim had a good show on Diamonds as did Vik Berghoudian. Viken added that all kinds of goods were selling but you had to have the right merchandise for each buyer. No one was just buying anything with a certificate... Lou Briscoe, Farzad Sharim, Keita Yamaguchi, Keith LeClerc and Mark Porcello all reported good Miami results. Alex and Gary from Luxury Bazzar said that they had a good show and like Vik Berghoudian the variety of merchandise sold was very broad.

Maricela Reyes reported in with a good show but she really loved her results from the Las Vegas show earlier in the month. Kiki Kim and Jeff Knepper both had good shows in Miami as did Jerry Hogan. The Gruenbergs had a good show and are looking forward to Dallas even though Doug is moving from Dallas to Boca Raton!!! Pete Moreno had a good show and commented on the tonnes of dealers in attendance.

Eric Collin from France had a great show... Loved some of the high quality inventory he found and was excited about coming across the pond to Miami. He will be back no matter what the Euro does!!! I heard this remark from several dealers from Europe. "No matter what the currency does, we need good quality merchandise and we can always find it at the IWJG Shows. Good merchandise is just worth more!"

Michelle Mottale had a very good show...  Arthur Hiaeve and Kasparian Mgirdish mirrored what members Katz, Margaritelli and Reichback said earlier in this report "Best Show... Best Show... Best Show!!! Even though we have more reports, we'll leave Miami at that for now, except to say thank you all for coming and making January 2015 our largest Miami event in the history of the IWJG. Thank you!!!

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