IWJG December 2018 Las Vegas Show Report

Let's see what we heard about Las Vegas!!!

Monday morning found a line waiting at 7:30 to get into the IWJG Pavilion at the Tropicana... By 9:30 there was a lot of activity in the room and even though this Las Vegas is one of our smaller events and that it was earlier than normal, we had a line waiting to get in all morning...Look at the pictures on our Facebook page and you can see that the show stayed busy all day until we closed. Tuesday was, Las Vegas quiet first thing, but by 10:00 it was busy and steady until everyone started heading to the airport and the freeways early afternoon:...Las Vegas was a Good how. Don't take my word for it... Here is a sample of what we heard!!!

Kris Strizzi had a Good Show. Lots of buying and Selling. Kris said he thinks he likes the Las Vegas show better, in January but he added, I have no complaints it was a Good Show!!! Ricardo Varela had a Good Las Vegas Event. He also would like to see this event moved back to January and we are listening Ricardo!!! Sam Sallum reported in with a Really Great Show in Las Vegas. He likes the Show in December and he reiterated "It was a Really Good Show." Danny Nissum reported in with a Really Really Good Event and he was extremely glad he was in attendance... Pietro Magliocca had a Good Show... Nothing Bad about this smaller show at all... Good Show... Miguel Quintero had a Really Good Show in Las Vegas.

Alex Pinkhasov turned in a Really Good Show report. He told me it was much better than he expected for a December Event. It was a Really Good Show... Joe Akar's table turned in a Very Good Show report and they added they were glad they came to Las Vegas.

Jennifer Chu said they had a Really Good Event... She wasn't sure what to expect for a December Las Vegas Event but they had a Really Good Event. Monday was Crazy Busy Jennifer reported... Peter Geykman said, not a big show but we did Good... Alfonso Valencia had a Good Show but thinks he likes the Las Vegas Show in January... We hear you Alfonso!!!

Alex Negel liked the December Las Vegas Show, he said it was a Good Show... Luke Rottman reported that his results were Very Good in Las Vegas. He likes the show in December.... Glenn Edwards said Vegas was a good show for him, he sold lots of merchandise. It exceeded all his expectations. We are Glad Glenn!!!

Paul Fox reported in with Really Good Show results and Ben Cucio said Las Vegas was so AWSOME, I feel Sorry for anyone that missed . Can't wait for Miami... Thank you, Ben... Andrew Cohen liked Las Vegas however he was so busy selling he did not have time to do as much buying as he would have liked but he liked the show!!!

Kamran Shak had a Good Show and Zoey (his daughter) had a Great Time as Well!!! McGurdish Kasparian had a Good Show in Sin City... Manuel Strauss reported Good results in Las Vegas. Said it was Much Better than OK, Much Better... Pete Moreno said Las Vegas was a Good Show. Did a lot more business than if I'd stayed home.

Natilio Saks had a Really Good Show he said, especially Tuesday... Just goes to show that some of our dealers make their show on the last day even in a small show... Never Leave Early!!!

Christopher Altbaum loved the IWJG Las Vegas Show. He kept repeating "this is a Really Good Show, I mean it this is a Really Good Show." We are glad Christopher... Irv Mish said he was happy he came and that he did some business in Las Vegas in December... Peter Chu reported that Las Vegas was a Really Good Show and Maricela Reyes thought that Las Vegas in December was her Best Show Ever... Glad you had a Great Show Maricela...

The general consensus was that even though the market is soft for various reasons that we can't control...If you have the right merchandise... If you are priced consistent with the market and you want to do business... You can!!! There is business to be done...Let us know is there is any way we can help you to be more successful!!! Remember, If you are not...We can't be for long!!!

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