IWJG November 2017 Miami Show Report

Thank you to all our International Watch and Jewelry Members for making 2017 GREAT in spite of some of the chaos in the world Politically, Financially, Socially, in the world of Business, and, oh yes, there was Harvey and his friend Irma that we all had to contend with... 2017 was a wild year!!! The quality of our membership helped the IWJG grow in members and reputation with all of the pitfalls that 2017 brought with it!! Please know we thank you from the bottom of our hearts... You are the best membership on the Planet!!!

Fred Hakimian thought Miami was a GREAT Event, in fact Fred thought it was one of the best Shows in recent History... Byron Eder had a really GOOD Show in Miami... Elad Iton had a Good November Event... Miami's own Joe Akar said he had a Good last IWJG Event for 2017.

Jennifer Chu also had a Good Miami Show... Steve Fishman reported in with Really Good results in Miami... Bob Wingate wrote that “He was there and it was a GREAT Show”!!! Alex Pinkhasov had a Good Miami outing!!! Stephen Marzelli had a Good Show in Miami!!! Stephen Lax from Dallas said “I did Good. Glad I was in Miami!!!

Doug Gruenberg reported in with a Good Miami Event...Alfonso Valencia had a Good Miami Event!!! Barry Shochat reports a Good Miami Event... Ricardo Franze had a Good Event and is looking forward to his trip to Mammoth where the Skiing is always Good!!!

Jose Montilla, from Venezuela had a Really Good Show!!! Jacob Mace reported Good Show results!!! Frank Manzo reported in with a Great Show... Kris Strizzi from Atlanta had a “Big Show”!!!

Kamran Shak thought Miami was a Really Good Show!!! Roman Sharf reported in with a Good Miami Event... Reghive Caetano thought it was a Great Event and can’t wait for the next one. Great we will see you in Las Vegas!!! Yair Mizraahi, found lots of Great Merchandise to buy. His comment, “It was a Good Show”!!! Manuel Strauss thought Miami was a Good November Show.

Andrew Cohen had a really Good Show and Last but not least, Jordan Gellerman called Miami a GREAT SHOW!!! This is a small sample of what we heard from our members in Miami!!! Thank you all for your reports!!!

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