IWJG November 2015 Miami Show Report

Let's put a period on November 2015 in Miami at the Hilton Downtown!!!

The weather was great, the attendance was great and for the most part the IWJG members in attendance had a great event for November and our last IWJG Show of 2015!!!

Monday morning started off very good with about 150 members in line to get in to the event at 7:30 AM. The traffic built and we had over 800 members in attendance on Monday alone. Tuesday was typical but by 10:00 the room had a good buzz and it lasted until 5:00 on Tuesday afternoon... Here is what we heard from our members...

Miami's own Robert Ramos had a very good show... Kurt Rothner said he liked his results... He bought some good stuff. Sunile Shah had a really good show. Michael Wajszczuk had a good event... Ricardo Franze reported in with good results for Miami as did Byron Eder from Florida's west coast.

Eddie Kurayev reported a very good show and said he was very glad he came... Barry Shochat reported in with good results for a November event... Robert Beggs had a really good show... Marc Abercrombie said he had to really work but wound up with good results as well... Ben Honigman had a good show as did Miami member Drew Knohl...

Jonathan Gellerman reported a really good result for Miami and Andrew Cohen said he had a good show in November as well... Alex Negel from Denver reported good results but he added he really had to work for it, Michel Motale mirrored the report from Alex... Chase Ahluwalia had a GREAT Show and so did Alphonso Valencia and his group... Armando Martinez said it this way... Tough market/ Good show... Glad you were with us Armando...

Last but certainly not least, Bob Maron told us he had a really good November IWJG event in Miami... We certainly appreciate all of these reports and we'll make one comment... Many of the members that give us good reports are the same members that we practically have to run out of the room each night so we can turn the lights off and clean the room or break down on Tuesday. They work the entire show and report good results... Maybe the two have nothing to do with each other... we're just saying... It's a tough market and you really have to take full advantage of every opportunity.

We'll have more on what was selling later, but thank you all for making Miami a great event and 2015 in total, a great year for the IWJG... Speaking of THANK YOU!!! A special shout of THANKS to all of you that joined us for the Holiday Reception on Monday evening co sponsored by JWLSystems. There were about 100 of our members that came for a drink or two, a little music, a little food and great companionship with our wonderful IWJG members!! Thank you all again, for allowing us to serve you. We say it all the time but YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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