IWJG November 2014 Miami Show Report

There were four shows going on within a week of each other while the IWJG was in Miami including the Miami Beach Antique Jewelry and Watch Show and the Palm Beach Jewelry and Watch Show. What we heard from our members that attended was that there was no traffic at the other shows and most of the business that they did was with other IWJG members that they would have seen and traded with at our show on the 17th and 18th anyway! Most thought they wasted their time and money on the other shows... If traffic was any indicator of interest (we believe it is), there was plenty of interest (traffic) at the IWJG Show... With 1,000 dealers present the room was buzzing all day Monday and after a slow start Tuesday morning the energy picked up around 11:00 and stayed in the room for most of the day. What was selling??? A wide variety of merchandise was moving but the usual suspects led the way. Any Rolex in good condition was a mover and brought a good price. Common goods in just decent shape would only move if the price was really right. This seems to be the story of late. The good stuff moves on its own and the middle of the road merchandise only moves on price.

For the last few years we have seen merchandise move from the USA to Europe and Asia. With changes in currencies, politics and economies we are seeing merchandise moving back to America. This is not a bad thing especially since the US economy, while it's not great, is better than most economies and really good merchandise is still selling... Here is what we heard from the dealers in attendance...  Paolo Manzoli had a very, very good IWJG Show. Drew Knohl reported good traffic and said that as always he had a good IWJG Show. Erik Grochowiak reported that he had to work hard but he had a good show. Howard Bilford said he had a really good show (Howard, thank you for your help with the fishing trip). Paul Fox had a good show. Donny Musinsky said he had to work at it but he had a good show. Arthur Hiaeve said that Miami was not easy but he wound up with a good show. Harry Glinberg had a good show. Jacob Herzog had a big smile on his face when we asked about his show and he said he would see us in Las Vegas and that he was glad to be headed home. Eddie Isakov had a good event as did Raphael Yagudayev. Alphonso Valencia had a good show. Manuel Strauss had a good watch show but found diamonds to be a little soft. Tommy LaBret had a really, really good show. He said he bought a lot of goods. Jacob Fried had a good show. Eddie Kurayev had a very good show. Tito Romani of Pure Watch had a good Miami show. Gary Zumalt was smiling and said "I made my numbers". Newton Ng and Byron Eder reported good shows. Ben Honigman said "decent show I made money". Gulio Distravola had a very good show. Marco Damm had a very good show. Joe Akar had a good show. Pietro Magliocca had a very, very, very good show. Sam Sallum reported a very, very good show and last but not least Robert Ramos reported his Miami show was his best EVER!!! That's all we have room for but thank you all for your reports and for making 2014 a banner year for your IWJG!!!

We talked to several of you that had a slow show... Here's all we can say... 1,000 dealers paid $260.00 to come in and do business... They are not kicking tires... They are serious buyers and sellers... They were doing a lot of business as evidenced by the above reports. The markets are constantly changing and we have to change with the markets. No one can have a home run show every time but if you pay attention to the markets appetite for inventory, the real ask, vs. pay, price on the floor and stay current with market pricing, you should get your share of the action at most shows... Remember, we can't be successful if you are not successful first... Your success is very important to us... Let us know if you think we can help. That's our job!!

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