IWJG December 2011 Houston Show Report

Joe Nelson, Executive Director of The IWJG provides this entire report...

"I'm sitting on the plane and waiting until time to push back and head home and I'm thinking about The International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show in Houston. You all know that Houston is our smallest (by far) show. It started out years ago when Burl and Olga wanted to throw a little thank you Bar-B-Que for the loyal members in and around the Houston area. You know how Watch and Jewelry dealers are, someone heard that someone found a great buy at the Bar-B-Que and then dealers from out of the area started showing up. Originally the show was an informal affair held at Bullock's Jewelry store. But, the action got a little strong for the retail customers trying to buy Christmas gifts at Bullock's so Olga got a room for the show and now you know the rest of the story.

We had about four dealers for every table holder in attendance and even though the show was small, the trading was steady. Many dealers tell us that the small shows can be very good for their business. Bobby Arena, Fred Hakimian, Joe Akar, Phillip Wolf, Gabe Arik, Johnny Dang and Mike Fonz all gave very good show reports and Adrian Kleiman, Boutique of Watches from Miami, reports that the Houston Show was his best ever IWJG event. Congratulations Adrian!

Monday night, Olga invited all attendees to her home for a Texas style Bar-B-Que. Between 60 and 70 members showed up and a grand time was had by all. Lots of great food, good conversation and a little beer and wine made for a great evening. Thank you all for coming to Houston!!

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Olga Cortez Bullock, Joe Nelson and the IWJG Staff


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