IWJG October 2015 New York Show Report

Monday morning started out with IWJG members waiting in line to enter the show at 6:45 a.m. By 7:30 a.m. there were over 250 ready for the doors to open. The room got a buzz on immediately and it continued throughout the day. Monday's action felt like the old days all over again! The room was full and the members were buying, selling, and trading at a brisk pace.

Tuesday had our usual Tuesday morning "where is everybody" start. By 10:30 a.m. the action was hot and heavy again. New York was a very good show, especially when you consider the state of affairs of most of the world's economies. Here is what we heard from the membership:

Charlie Jansen had a good show. Minh Hong said "I had a good New York show." Jeff Harris reported a good show. Donald Gruenberg said "we did just fine. Had an extremely good Monday." Uriel Schwartz reported a good show, mostly selling watches; diamonds were a little tough. Dan Rahmanim said "good show." Harry Setian had a really good show; sold a bunch and bought a bunch. Barry Blant said "it's good to be back. Thiis was a very good show for me buying and selling." Masahiro Endo had a good show; bought some very good pieces. Mark Nance had a really good show. Danile Marmanelli said "I love these IWJG shows. They are very good shows and I feel very safe here." Alex Ciani had a really good New York show. Bob Wingate had a good show in the Big Apple. Joe DeMesy said that New York started tough for him, but ended up okay. Robert Beggs had a really good show inspite of the fact that his shipment was late getting to New York. Tod Valpio had a great New York show. Doug Gruenberg said "I had an excellent show and you can quote me on that one." Michael Pollicino had a really good show; he was happy he came. Abdullah Daoud said "this was a great, great show..... nothing like it anywhere else!!!" Marcela Reyes had a really good show. Giangi Tumolo from Milan had a great show. Alfonso Valencia had a really good show. Alex Negel sold some, bought some; he had a good show. Todd Jones said that he sold good at the New York show. Pietro Maglico had a very, very, very good show. Rony Sztokfisz had a great, great show!!! Ariel Shimunov had a good, solid New York show. Marc Abercrombie said "Monday was little tough. Tuesday was strong. I bought and sold and had a good show. I'm glad I came." Last but not least, Robert Maron said it best, "I had a good show, no, I had a damn good show!!!"

As you can see there were some great show reports from New York. Of course in a market like this, there are also some show reports that differ. The important lesson is to make sure you have the right merchandise. You have it priced right, and you reallly want to sell your merchandise at or near the current realistic market value. With 900-1000 dealers in the room, there is always business at an IWJG show. Make sure you get your share.

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