IWJG October 2014 New York Show Report

The Marriott lobby was full of IWJG members on Sunday and there was a lot of energy in the room on Sunday!!! We expect energy in New York and even with the Jewish Holidays and some other shows conflicting with our dates, we were not disappointed!!! Monday started off with a good BUZZ that kept getting better and it did not let up all day long. Tuesday started off a little slow (typical) but by 10:30 the noise level was back up and the cash counters were humming a great tune. We love the sound of money in the morning!!

The market reports industry wide are a little soft but if you had the right merchandise and had it priced at market levels, you were moving merchandise. Buyers found prices to be a little high but with some nice merchandise in the room there was money to be made and that is what it's all about. Sometimes you sell your way into a good show, sometimes you buy for a successful event and then sometimes it takes both to manufacture (like baseball) a good event. The important elements are know the market, know what you need for your business in the current market and then get busy!!! Most of the dealers that followed that format reported in with good results. If you would like your results included here, find Joe Nelson on the floor Tuesday afternoons and he'll be happy to include your thoughts whether great or not so great

Here are a few reports from New York!!!

European member Erasmus Girsel reported that NYC was a very good show for him. He said he found some great merchandise on the IWJG floor, not necessarily cheap but very good stuff that he was glad to find. Ricardo Franze and his team from Miami had a good solid show. Ed Faber shared his 40th anniversary in our business with cake for all (thank you Ed and congratulations) and posted a good decent show result. Ira Mish had a good New York event as did Jerry Hogan.

Jim Lager (without Barbara) and Greg Moss had to work hard but had a good show (we don't know how they did it with Mrs. Lager MIA). Steve Fishman from New York had a Good, Good show even better than his expectation for the October event. Fred Hakimian reports that he had a very good show that was better than his Hong Kong event without the deep investment in expense and time out of the country. Fred said that larger deals were moving for him in New York. Bryan Ahdoot reported good results for his show and Ariel Shimunov said that New York was not a bad show at all and he did business.

Barry Blank (good luck with the move Barry) and John Buckley both had good shows. Chase Attlulia said, with a big smile "I sold a LOT of watches." Jessica Schnaider had a good show in New York and Joe Demesy found some decent results in buying and selling. Alex Feldman said he sold some merchandise but found prices a little firm for him to buy much.

Peter Chou was very candid and said "I had a good New York event. The IWJG Shows are a bargain compared to other shows anywhere." Thank you for the kind words Peter. The Porcello's said their results were steady over both days, not hectic and they had a good show. Igal Haimov from Miami said he had a Good, Good Show. Peter Geykan had a "very, very, very good show."

Jacob Herzog was all smiles in his home town and said he had a GREAT SHOW! Pietro Magliocca from New York, Madrid and Florence reported a very, very good show. Eddie Kurayev also had a GREAT SHOW!

Shane Krugerman Kadi missed most of Monday and still had a good show while his friend Marc Abercrombie worked hard both days and had a GREAT SHOW. This is about all we had time to gather except for Dan Rahmanim from Chicago offered that the IWJG shows are always very good events for him and not to be missed (thank you Dan).

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