IWJG November 2018 Miami Show Report

Let's recap the IWJG event in Miami.

The reports we had on the floor, even considering the craziness of the market, were very good. In order to keep this e-mail short, here is a sampling of what we heard from the IWJG members in attendance.

Manuel Strauss reported in with a Good Show, Jennifer Chu from New York thought Miami was a Good Show. Scott Freeberg said "I had a good show. I needed some specific merchandise, and I found it all. It was good to be in Miami."

Pete Moreno said, "I bought some merchandise, sold some merchandise; I had a good show. I certainly did a lot more business than I would have if I stayed home." Maricela Reyes reported in with a Really Good Miami Event.

Jordan Gellerman reported that Monday was Crazy Busy and he wound up with a Good Miami Show. Alex Negel from Denver responded that he did just about the amount of business he expects for the November IWJG Event in Miami.

Nochum Mendelsohn said, "I can't believe it. I had a good show in Miami while I was moving my office." Frank Manzo said, "Great show as always with the IWJG events." BTW, thank you Frank for those great tomatoes! Paul Fox said, "Really good show in Miami. Bought some, sold some, glad I came."

Lucca Musumeci reported that Miami was a Good Show for him. Terek Sule said, "I had a good show."

New Member Blake Simon from Horus reported in with a really good show. Alex Pinkhasov said, "Really good show in Miami. Can't wait for Las vegas in December." Ricardo Varela said, "I had a good show. I bought a lot." Eddie Kurayev had a "good, good Miami show. Come on Vegas!"

Daniel Conception had a Really Good IWJG Miami Show as did Abdella Alyhibib and last but not least, Fred Hakimian from Chicago reported in with a Great Show in Miami, EXCEPT for when Shiva fell and broke her wrist.

Shiva, we are all sending our prayers and thoughts for a speedy and full recovery from your tumble. We love you!

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