IWJG September 2017 Las Vegas Show Report

Las Vegas was a Very Busy Show... If you were not there, do not take my word for it, here is what your peers said about IWJG Las Vegas September!!!

Hal Martin from Houston reported that Vegas was a Really, Really Good Show... Glad you enjoyed it Hal!!! Ariel Shuminov reported in with Really Good Results!!! Jordan Gellerman had a Great Las Vegas event as did Eddie Kurayev. Glad to hear it guys!!!

Constine Bakshef reported in with Good Results and Minh Hong was Happy. He bought some goods, sold some goods and was glad he came to Las Vegas. We are glad you came as well Minh!!!

Alex Ciani had a Good Event in Vegas and he had traffic all day long at his booth on Monday... The Show was Crazy Busy all day Monday!!! Stephen Lax from Dallas had a Great Event as did Marcela Reyes!!! Armando Martinez from Chicago had a Really Good Show!!

Stephen Marzelli reported in with Great results and thought Las Vegas in September at the IWJG felt like the Old Days!! Prem Chianni from Canada thought Vegas was a Really Good Show!!! Phillip Wolf, Jeff Knepper and Edward Aleman all had Good Results in Vegas!!! Pablo Ferlazzo reported in with a Really Good Event!!!

Peter Geykman said Vegas was Great. He sold all the merchandise he brought with him!!! Bring more to New York Peter!!! New Yorker, Gulio Bonaccio had a Good Show. Gulio said the business was in the room but you had to work for it... Do not forget to visit Gulio's new Boutique where he has his Watches and his Music on Display!!!

Alex Roiz from Luxury Bazaar reported Good Results and Azi Kahn thought Vegas was a Really, Really Good Show!!! Natilo Saks had a Good Report for the Show and then went to see Celine Dion!!! How can you Beat That!!!

Las Vegas own Roi Zalak had Good Results at the IWJG Event!!! Kamran Shak has a Good Show and so did Richard Crumbly!!!

Izzy Fuld had a Great Event and said on Monday it felt like the Hong Kong Show he just left... There was plenty of traffic Monday AND Tuesday!!! Sam Sallum had a Really Good Show and Jennifer Chu was tickled at her results in Las Vegas!!! Alex Pinkhasov had a Really Great Show!!! Alex Feldman reports good results in the desert!!!

Peter Chu, fresh from Hong Kong reported that his show was Really, Really Good. Glad to hear it Peter...Byron Eder said Vegas was a Good Show, no a Really Good Show... The Gruenbergs report came from Doug and he said they had a Really Good Event... Last but not least, Shane Ropp had a GREAT EVENT IN LAS VEGAS. We are Glad Shane!!!

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