IWJG October 2018 New York Show Report

Jennifer Chu had a Very Good IWJG Event in New York. Glad you cleared up those invoices... Newton Ng had a Very Good Show in New York and to top it off, had a GREAT Steak Experience. Glad you had both and Glad you were with us in NYC.

Pietro Magliocca was Very Happy with his results in New York... Ricardo Varela reported in with Good Show results in NYC... Giulio Bonaccio had a Good Show... Had to work for it but in the end, it was Good.

Andrew Cohen thought NY was a really Good Show from a Buying and Selling Perspective. Glad you were there Andrew...Tom Rumpf had a Great Show... Sold out of Inventory... Wish he had brought more... Marco Sanchez had a Good Show Buying Watches... Steve Dubinsky had an AWESOME SHOW in New York...Sam Sallum had a Good New York Event... Isami Shiroma had a Good Show from both a Buying and Selling Standpoint.

Manuel Strauss had Very Good New York results... Kris Strizzi from Atlanta wanted to go to the World Series in Boston but thought it was going to be a little Cold... He's thinking about coming out to LA for one of the Games in warmer weather... Kris said he didn't have a Great NYC Event but he added, we didn't bring the right inventory.

Eddie Kurayev Reported in with a Good Show and gave us Two Thumbs Up... Natilio Saks thought the New York Show was Good... Alex Pinkhasov reported in with a Really Good Show and said he Sold a lot in New York.

Last but not least, Doug Gruenberg had a Good Show at the Marriott with the IWJG in October!!!

We know you are all so busy at the IWJG Events and we want you to know we appreciate the time you give us for these Show Reports... Thank You!!!

We have said it before but it's worth repeating... NYC was a Good Show for many of our attendees but we heard "the market is softening" from others. There is a change in the market and it's not anything that those of us that live and work in this market can do about it but pay attention, buy right, sell right, keep an eye on your inventory and work a little harder until we see where the market is going... If we can help you, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us... Helping you, that's the most important part of OUR job!!!

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