IWJG January 2018 Las Vegas Show Report

We had between 600 and 700 dealers in the room over Monday and Tuesday... Monday was crazy. It was Crazy Good!!! The room was packed all day long... Tuesday was, as usual, a slower start in the A.M., but a lot of our members told us that they did more business on Tuesday than on Monday. For others it was just the opposite... It's all about when, where and what kind of merchandise you have!!! Here is a sample of what we heard...

Sam Sallum had a Good Show but wishes he had brought more merchandise with him... His cases were looking a little bare Tuesday afternoon...Armando Martinez reported in with Really Good results in Las Vegas...

Eddie Kurayev had a Really Good Event in Las Vegas...Pablo Ferlazzo had a Good Show in January. Joe Elkin said he had a Very Good Event and the dealers he talked to were having a Good Show as well... Izzy Fuld reported in with Good results as did Alex Pinkhasov... Glad to hear of your success in Las Vegas!!! Marisela Reyes had a Really Good Event and Alphonso Valencia reported that our early January Event is always Great for him and 2018 was no exception... Glad to hear it Alphonso!!!

Joe Akar from Miami, reported in with a Really, Really Good Show...Nochum Mendelson had had Really Good Results in the Desert as did Jordan Gellerman who loved the January and said he set his personal best record for sales at the IWJG Show in Las Vegas!!! Way to Go, Jordan!!!

We will have some more reports later but this is about all we have room for here!!! The consensus is that our business is getting better every month...

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