IWJG January 2017 Las Vegas Show Report

Monday morning found a line waiting at 7:30 to get into the IWJG Pavilion at the Tropicana…By 9:30 the joint was jumping and we had a line waiting to get in until 1:00 in the afternoon…Look at the pictures on our Facebook page and you can see that the show started off with a bang and stayed busy all day until we closed. In addition to the show being larger than 2016, there was a lot of traffic in the IWJG Las Vegas Show… Tuesday was quiet first thing but by 10:00 it was busy and steady until 4:30 or 5:00…Las Vegas was a Good Show. Don’t take my word for it… Here is a sample of what we heard!!!

Seth Larrabure reported in with a Good Las Vegas Show…Glenn Edwards said Vegas was a good show for him, he sold lots of merchandise…

Andrew Cohen loved las Vegas and he bought great merchandise at the show!!! Marco Damm reported good show result and was pleasantly surprised with his results and Ken Jacobs thought this was a decent show to start of 2017. Robert Beggs was not unhappy with his results in Vegas and Peter Chou was also glad he was in Sin City.

Kamran Shak bought good at the show and Max Bankin also had a good show and is ready for Miami (his hometown)!!! Manuel Strauss had a good event as did Sam Sallum, who said the action was steady throughout the entire event. Armando Martinez had a solid report at the end of the show and the Gruenbergs were happy that they came and did some business.

Dan Wiley from Oklahoma said he had a good show and that he moved the merchandise he wanted to move…That’s always a good thing!!! Robert Ramos had a good buying event. Pablo Ferlazzo reported a good event and is looking forward to Miami…Javed Sayed had a very good show and is looking forward to our Dallas show (his hometown)!!! Michael Ma had a good show and added he loves Las Vegas!!! Sohil Bhansali said that this was a good buying show and Chetan Kakadiya and Bhavesh Shah both had a great show and found plenty of merchandise to BUY!!! Alexander Grinberg had a good show …Bought some and sold some. Not bad at all!!! Joe Elkin from Israel reported good Las Vegas results.

Alfonso Valencia had a GREAT Show and also loves Las Vegas. Jennifer Chu reported a very good event and Mari Sol Reyes had a Good, Good Show. Todd Jones from Texas had a Great Las Vegas show…Ariel Shimunov had a good show in Vegas but let’s not forget to keep Ariel and his wife in our thoughts and prayers because they are having a BABY in March!!! Congratulations!!!

Gary Zumalt loves the January Las Vegas show and had a GREAT report again this year for his results and last but not least, Alexander Pinkhasov, loved the show and said this Las Vegas event might be his best show ever!!! You can’t beat that!!!

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