IWJG January 2015 Las Vegas Show Report

The way the holidays came in 2014 and New Years fell for 2015, and the economy worldwide, we weren't sure what to expect,  but the show wound up to be about the same size as last year even with all that was going on. Typical Las Vegas slow starter (We're sure no one was out late in Vegas) but the members seem to arrive a little later here than for other shows. None the less the show got rolling and by 10:30 there was a good buzz in the room and the action was good. We know some of you thought this show was a little soft, so we're not going to tell you what we thought; here it is from the members that were there. We report, you decide.

First of all...  What was selling... Diamonds were tough because of the uncertainty in pricing. In watches, normal modern stuff was selling, and as always Rolex... Rolex... Rolex... Oh, did we mention that Rolex was selling? Here are the reports we received from the floor... Rich Lopez had a VERY GOOD SHOW. Gerry Zumalt said"This Las Vegas Show is always one of my best events and 2015 was no exception. Fred Hakimian reported "this show exceeded all my expectations for it. I bought some, sold some and stayed nice and busy". Manuka Nanikashvili had a good show overall and very good for buying. Donald Gruenberg said after two days, there was nothing wrong with this show! Alex Negel from Denver had a good show. Drew Knohl said  "this was a good buying show. Michael Maron reported good buying in Las Vegas. Sam Sallum had a good show and Massimo Margaritelli had a very good show. Yosef Gavrielov found some very good merchandise and very good prices. Greg Moss reported some good business and glad they were in Las Vegas. Michele Motale had a good show. Alphonso Valencia had a very good show. Farzad Sharim brought his son, worked hard and had a decent show. Ronnie Bullock had a solid show. Temuri Nakikashvili reported a very good show for buying the merchandise he will need in Miami. Jorge Haro had a very good show. Marisella Reyes reported that she had excellent results in Vegas. Joe AKAR was very excited over his very good results and last but not least, Steve Fishman reported a very good Las Vegas January Show.

While we did have other members that asked not to be quoted that had very good results, we also had some members that thought the show was a little soft... We do not know what to say... We had well over 500 dealers in the room over the two days that were paying good money to come in to sell and buy. The reports above are only a portion of the actual submissions and we want to thank all of you for your input. If that many qualified dealers are in a room, just like the above reports there is business to be had by selling, buying and/or trading... Overall Las Vegas was a very good first effort for 2015.

Remember, this show is a little different than our other shows for several reasons but two reasons are primary... Dealers that were holding merchandise through the last quarter of 2014 for the Christmas holidays and didn't sell it, need to freshen up their inventory before the mega show that is Miami. Dealers that did well over Christmas need to replenish their inventories before heading to South Florida. You do not want to be in Miami short on Merchandise or having the wrong merchandise with you. The show just has too many opportunities available to not be ready to maximize your efforts.  January Vegas is a chance to tune up for Miami. If you keep that in mind, you can come to the desert in early January and have a good event.

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