IWJG January/February 2011 Miami Show Report

Weather Report… Weather Report… Weather Report

Before the January 2011 Miami International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show, we sent out a weather alert. The forecast called for below freezing temperatures and snow in the Northern United States and the same for Northern Europe. We missed Dallas,Texas buried under a blanket of deep snow BUT we got Miami right! Balmy 75 to 80 degrees and the action at the IWJG Show was Hot! Hot! Hot!

If you were in New York for the October 2010 Show you know what a great show it was. By all accounts Miami 2011 was bigger AND better!!

We will have individual members’ reports, as soon as everyone gets back to their offices but here is what we saw from the 30,000 foot level.

More table holders doing more business than they had expected. More buyers were spending more money than we expected. Prices are gaining strength, so members that were holding out for better pricing found less choices on day two. Like the “good old days” the first two or three hours of the first day of the show were non-stop and the action stayed strong throughout the entire show.
The list of smiling, successful buyers and sellers would be way too long to include everyone…

Joe Nelson reports there were almost 1000 members and guests in attendance, but Fred Hakimian (Chicago), the Barnhills (Atlanta), Gabe Arik (Newport Beach), Gregg Esses (Houston), Joe DeMessy (Dallas), Tommy Labret (Detroit), Bob Wingate (Dallas), Howard Frum (Chicago), Mike Fonz (San Diego) and too many others to count said this was one of, if not their best show ever!

If you would like to be included in our show reports, e-mail your experience with merchandise, pricing, activity level, etc., to info@IWJG.com in the attention of Joe Nelson and we will use your observations where we can. Your input is important to us.
There is a pattern forming here… the shows are growing fast, merchandise is flying off the tables and new dealers are coming in droves. Do not miss one show! One good buy or one new customer, ask Fred Hakimian, can impact your whole year. The IWJG is aggressively marketing the shows and partnering with other organizations to bring new dealers to these events. Come, be a part of these great opportunities and hang out with best group of dealers in the industry…your fellow IWJG Members.

Speaking of hanging out… Joe Akar and his wife opened their beautiful home to the attendees on Monday night. If you didn’t know or just didn’t go, you missed a great time with the best people, food and music imaginable on a perfect Miami night. We say “Thank you” to Joe Akar and his wonderful family!

Before we look forward to Orlando, one last thought on Miami and the ever growing IWJG Shows.

The lines for registration in Miami were crazy. The staff hates to see membership waiting in long lines instead of being inside and adding to the action, but checking the identity of each attendee is necessary for security and time consuming. You can eliminate your wait time by PREREGISTERING. Members and/or guests that are preregistered proceed directly to PREPAID and there is never more than a 3 to 5 minute delay. Please do not make your guests (or yourself) go through a miserable line experience. Call 1-800-554-4992 (alternately call 713-783-8150 or fax at 281-589-8987) and PREREGISTER now. Please!

Now, on to Orlando, our show is on February 20 & 21, Sunday and Monday. Our pre registrations are at an amazing level. This show is one of the shows that we market heavily to our European and Asian dealers. Orlando does not conflict with any major national holidays for our International Attendees. The interest on the heels of Miami is overwhelming! The Orlando Show is also in conjunction with the WWT Show and The NAWCC Show in Daytona Florida, which is a stone’s throw from Orlando. If you need passes to the WWT Show, then see us at the Show.

Do not forget the Daytona 500 NASCAR Race is also held on the same weekend so rooms and flights will be in short supply. Book Now!!

One other item before we close - there will be an AMAZING announcement regarding Orlando and the International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show on Monday evening or Tuesday. You will love the news! Check your e-mails, visit the IWJG website at www.IWJG.com or join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theiwjg for more information.

Get your reservations in IMMEDIATELY. You do not want to miss this! We do not want you to miss it! Call the office now, 1-800-554-4992, make your reservations (Preregister remember?) and let’s have a great IWJG Show and heck of a time in Orlando!

For updates, check your e-mails, visit the IWJG website at www.IWJG.com or join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theiwjg or Twitter at www.twitter.com/iwjg.

Serving the Best Membership in the World!!!
Olga Cortez Bullock, Joe Nelson and the IWJG Staff


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