Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV



"I had a good event. The IWJG Shows are a bargain compared to other shows anywhere."

- Peter Chou, Los Angeles/Hong Kong

"I had a very good show that was better than my last out of country event without the deep investment in expense and time out of the country."

- Fred Hakimian, Chicago

"IWJG shows are always very good events and not to be missed."

- Dan Rahmanim, Diamond Dealer

"I've been a member for many years and it's one of the Best Jewelry venues available for true Jewelery & Fine Watch enthusiasts!"

- Irene Burnett

"This is wonderful show."

- Steven Chow

"Great organization! The best watches and jewelry at the best prices on the planet!"

- Marc Berliner

"trust me when I say that IWJG is the "Mother of all watch shows" - Like the visionary founder Burley Bullock - I started my career back in 1969 with Zales's Bailey Banks and Biddle division - ...and I was hooked for ever since. Here I am today still "wheeling & dealing" as an independentant, having lived in Colorado, in New York, in Atlanta, in England, in Greece and now in Florida - some will say retired - but our kind never really retires (look at Carlos the Italian) and never will. Honestly, I can't count the times - how my membership with IWJG helped close - deal upon deal...Thanks Burley, thanks IWJG"

- Anastasios Epitropou

"We just had our third show here, and it was great as always! We sold 48 watches in one day, and we're looking forward to next year."

- Bella Diamonds & Watches

IWJG Edward Farber Aaron Farber Gallery New York"I am a charter member of the IWJG, and have always thought your shows have been professionally run on a high level of presentation and security, as well as convenience for the buyers and sellers. But recently, at the show, your staff outdid themselves. A few hours after the show ended, I received a call from Christina that a small bag containing valuables was found at my booth. My bag was secured and shipped by Brinks to me. What could have been a great tragedy had a happy ending and thus remained a good show for us. Thank you again for the quality shows that you continue to run for the benefit of the membership."

- Edward S. Farber, President, Aaron Farber Gallery, NYC

IWJG Testimonials Gordon Bethune Continental Airlines"The finest assembly of professional jewelers anywhere in the world. I have enjoyed my membership for 10 years and hope to remain for many more."

- Gordon Bethune, Former CEO, Continental Airlines