LAS VEGAS, NV - September 25 & 26, 2017



"I had a good New York event. The IWJG Shows are a bargain compared to other shows anywhere."

- Peter Chou, Los Angeles/Hong Kong

"I had a very good NEW YORK show that was better than my last Hong Kong event without the deep investment in expense and time out of the country."

- Fred Hakimian, Chicago

"IWJG shows are always very good events and not to be missed."

- Dan Rahmanim, Diamond Dealer

"I've been a member for many years and it's one of the Best Jewelry venues available for true Jewelery & Fine Watch enthusiasts!"

- Irene Burnett

"This is wonderful show."

- Steven Chow

"Great organization! The best watches and jewelry at the best prices on the planet!"

- Marc Berliner

"trust me when I say that IWJG is the "Mother of all watch shows" - Like the visionary founder Burley Bullock - I started my career back in 1969 with Zales's Bailey Banks and Biddle division - ...and I was hooked for ever since. Here I am today still "wheeling & dealing" as an independentant, having lived in Colorado, in New York, in Atlanta, in England, in Greece and now in Florida - some will say retired - but our kind never really retires (look at Carlos the Italian) and never will. Honestly, I can't count the times - how my membership with IWJG helped close - deal upon deal...Thanks Burley, thanks IWJG"

- Anastasios Epitropou

"We just had our third show here, and it was great as always! We sold 48 watches in one day, and we're looking forward to next year."

- Bella Diamonds & Watches

IWJG Edward Farber Aaron Farber Gallery New York"I am a charter member of the IWJG, and have always thought your shows have been professionally run on a high level of presentation and security, as well as convenience for the buyers and sellers. But recently, at the Miami Beach show, your staff outdid themselves. A few hours after the show ended, I received a call from Christina that a small bag containing valuables was found at my booth. My bag was secured and shipped by Brinks to Texas and then to me in NYC. What could have been a great tragedy had a happy ending and thus remained a good show for us. Thank you again for the quality shows that you continue to run for the benefit of the membership."

- Edward S. Farber, President, Aaron Farber Gallery, NYC

IWJG Testimonials James Dowling UK Watches"I have been a member of the IWJG since its inception and consider it to be the world's foremost venue for the purchase and sale of watches. I cannot think of anyone of any standing in this business who is not a member. It is also an incredibly well run organization with a professional staff who are well able to handle the stressful tasks of running shows all over the US, with all that this entails. It also goes without saying, that as there are often upwards of $100 million worth of watches at some shows, the security is impeccable. [Also] I have made many friends through the IWJG and enjoy the social side of the organization at least as much as I do the business side. In one sentence: If it were not for the IWJG, I probably would not have the business that I do. Thanks to all of you."

- James M. Dowling,

IWJG Testimonials Gordon Bethune Continental Airlines"The finest assembly of professional jewelers anywhere in the world. I have enjoyed my membership for 10 years and hope to remain for many more."

- Gordon Bethune, CEO, Continental Airlines