Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


Rules and Regulations

The membership guidelines presented here are simple and straightforward. All IWJG members must abide by these rules to maintain good standing with the IWJG.

  1. No "Buyer Beware" deals. This will cost you your membership!

  2. All items sold anywhere between members must be as represented by the Seller and understood by the Buyer. Understandings must be BLACK and WHITE. No grey areas.

  3. If you commit to a buy or sale, you must stand behind your commitment, even if no money has changed hands.

  4. If you sell by weight, the weight must be correct. We are having problems in this area. We cannot afford to lose members over wrong weights on jewelry.

  5. VERY IMPORTANT! We are asking our watch dealers to be very careful in dealing with knock-off merchandise or non-factory watches. This goes for bands, dials, cases or movements. No copyright infringements allowed!

  6. We expect all members to report on or return all memorandum merchandise to the owner as agreed. We get too many complaints on this one.

  7. HONOR YOUR CHECKS. If a problem comes up, call the check holder so he can cover the problem with his bank. Do not stop payment on checks unless the other member knows and agrees to this action. We have very few check problems. Let's keep it this way.

  8. All adjustments and refunds must be made promptly. Do not hold another members' money for even one extra day. Chances are he or she is already upset.

  9. Keep your promises on shipping dates. The buyer is waiting. Don't cost a member a sale by shipping late.

  10. If you sponsor new members, you must know enough about them to be able to recommend them without reservation to the entire membership so anyone can do business with them without any problems.

  11. Work out all small problems between yourselves. The IWJG will act as arbitrators in extreme cases where members cannot resolve serious problems. Each member can request and choose one arbitrator from the membership. Mr. Bullock will be number three. All decisions of this Board will be final and binding on all members.

  12. IWJG Membership Photo I.D. is required for entrance at ALL shows. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In Summary: We must be honorable men and women and conduct ourselves as such on the playing field of the business world. The honor system must prevail.