Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG August 2019 Los Angeles Show Report

We promised you a complete report from the IWJG Los Angeles Event... It was a Really Good Summer Event.... The Weather was Great and so was the action at the IWJG Event. We had many of the Diamond Club West Coast Members attend and their feedback was Positive. It is always a small show, but we heard Great Things from many of our members in attendance. Thank you, Mervyn Hahn, for all the support the IWJG receives from the DCWC... Here is a more complete rendition of the reports we heard from you...

Marc Abercrombie had a Great LA Event... Marc said he found some of the best buying opportunities he has seen in a Long Time... Paul Fox thought the IWJG August Event was a Really Good Show... We are Glad Paul.

Angel Quintero had Really Good results in Lao Angeles... Victor Galindo had a Good Event in LA and is looking forward to Las Vegas... Todd Jones thought our West Coast Event was a Really Good Event. Thank You Todd. Have a safe trip back to Texas...Richard Shults had a Good Show in LA.

Ricardo Varela had a Good Show in Los Angeles and one of his friends from Mexico had Great Results in the IWJG SoCal Event... Pablo Ferlazzo thought LA was a Good Show as did Jose Montilla from Venezuela... Dong Yong Hao thought La Was a Good Show and Monday he thought was incredible.

Joseph Tannenbaum from "Real Real" commented that they Loved the LA IWJG Event... Kurt Rothner, IWJG Member from LA said he had a Really Good Event and added that LA produced more business that his last two shows combined... Donald Edwards had a Good Event in in SoCal and added "We Sold a Bunch... It was a Good Show." We are Glad Donald... Joe Akar's Staff thought LA was Really Good for them. They were Sooo Busy Monday...

Yasha Terhani reported in with Very Good LA results. He added "I love LA in August..." Alex Pinkhasov turned in a Really Good Show Report for Los Angeles as did Kamran Shak. Kamran wants us to be back in Long Beach or at the Hilton Universal for the IWJG Events in the future. We just can't please Everybody, but we still Try... Abdella Alyhabib had a Really Good LA Event. He was glad he came... Jennifer Chu reported in with Very Good Results in LA... She was Happy.

One of our Great Members from across the pond commented on How Successful the IWJG Show in LA was for him... Last, but not least, Jake and Victoria Rokhlin thought LA was Absolutely Fabulous... They bought a lot of Great Merchandise... As we have said before, we are so Glad and Thankful for all these successes in our reports... Even when the market is a little soft, the IWJG Members/Dealers are the Best in the World... You make the difference... Thank You!!!

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