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IWJG July 2012 New York Show Report

It was great to be back in New York. The weather cooperated and except for one little sprinkle it was perfect. The antique show got out of synch with the JANY Show and we had to choose one of them so since we get more overflow from the antique show, we followed that show. We think it's better when all three shows are held in close proximity (time wise) but that was not our decision to make. None the less, the IWJG Show was about seven percent over our 2011 July Show.

Some of our members were a little tired on Monday morning (after working the antique show) but by 9:00AM there was a nice buzz in the room and it continued all day. Summer shows tend to be a little less chaotic (some members are always on vacation during summer shows) but there is business to be done on the floor. While some of our attendees thought the show was a little soft, we actually had a lot of our members (actually more than any other show) stop by and tell us the show was good for them. We can't tell you what makes the difference, but as most of you tell us "if you have the right merchandise at the right price you will have a good show."

Ben Honigman reported a very good show as did Newton Ng, Matteo Chillemi, Jorge Haro, Mark Sanchez, Adrian Kleiman (the Buddah was smiling) and Vern Massey. Tons of members reported having a good solid show, to name a few, Marisela Reyes, Jacob Fried, Roman Buslovitch, Tony Cherkasky, John Buckley, Arthur Zharsky, Tom Milani, Maggie Hon, Michael Anderson (glad Gabe Arik didn't come Michael was happy with his show), Roman Sharf, Jon Schneider (better than we expected for a summer show), Joel Vigo, Matt Bain, Ilya Kushnirsky, Greg Moss, and Boris Katz all reported in the good show category. Leo Brafman, Paul Duggan and Armando Martinez said New York was a good solid summer show but you had to work for it (hey, that's what we do!). Giulio Distravola, Harry Setian and two members who asked not to be named said they had a fabulous show. All in all we think New York was a good solid summer show. It was great being there.

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