Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG June 2019 Miami Show Report

Here is what we heard... Merchandise is scarce and the premium pieces are still high in price... We are seeing some softening of prices on some pieces but the general consensus is Prices are still High!!!

Jordan Gellerman had a Very Busy Show in Miami... His table was crowded both days. Albert Saiedian had a really good event in Miami... Manog Daryani turned in a Very Good Show report... Ricardo Vega said he did some business and was glad he was in Miami in June.

Keith LeClerc had a Good Show in Miami before heading back to the West Coast of the Sunshine State... Yashi Tehrani and Moshe Himaov had a Good Selling Show in Miami... Glad to hear it... Jose Hernandez was Very Happy with his results in Miami.

Michael Anderson turned in a Good Show report for our June Event... Jacob Herzog had a Really Good Show in Miami and Marisela Reyes also turned in a Really Good Show report... Miguel Angel Quientero had a Really Good Show... Ariel Shimunov said he had a Really Great Show in June... He said he bought a lot of merchandise... Ricardo Hallage had a Good Show... Sold a Lot!!! Daniel Concepcion had a Good Summer Show... Glad you were wih us Daniel!!Alponso thought Miami was a Good Show especially for a Summer Event.

Eddie Isikoff said he had a Very Good Buying show in Miami and he is looking forward to New York to sell some of what he bought... And Last but not least, Michel Mottale said his Miami IWJG Event was a Really, Really Good Show... Glad you were with us Micha... It is not the same when we are missing you!!!

We have said this before but it is worth repeating, our business has cycles (like all business) and we understand we are in a soft part of our cycle when it comes to getting merchandise and dealing with the pricing from manufactures (mainly Rolex). We have been through this before and we will get through it again... Together we are Stronger. The IWJG has the Best Dealers in the World... Amen and Thank You!!!

There were two incidents after the Miami Show... Two of our members left the Venue carrying merchandise and left the merchandise in in their vehicles while they went into a restaurant to eat... When they came back out, their merchandise was gone... The good news is no one got hurt but the bad news is no matter how many times we tell you to be careful with merchandise, some of our members become careless and when something like this happens they wonder... Why Me??? Because there are Bad people that look for the opportunity to steal from you what you have worked hard and acquired. Do not make it easy for them to rob you... We are So Sorry for your loss!!! Please don't carry but if you insist, take precautions, ask for help and be careful... If you are not sure... Ask Us!!!

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