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IWJG June 2012 Chicago Show Report

We are waiting on our plane back from O’Hare (Chicago) and we started reflecting on what a great time the International Watch and Jewelry Guild had in Chicago, even with all the craziness that surrounded some of our members travel schedules (Late flights, canceled flights, full flights, etc.). Our summer shows tend to bring out a lot of wives and significant others and Chicago was no exception. It's great to see how much better the boys behave when Momma is around. The guys (Dan Wiley) actually smile a lot more (Thank you, Tracey). It's great and feels more like a big family. Sunday morning about 20 of our members (thanks to Mike Manjos and Rich Lopez) went salmon fishing out of Montrose Harbor (Downtown Chicago) and what a great time! Everybody caught fish (lots of fish) in the shadow of the Chicago skyline and we were back at the dock by 11:00AM. (Click here for pictures) Then Sunday night (after all the merchandise was put away) the great folks at Carlucci's Italian Restaurant made an unbelievable dinner for the group of fishermen and later Viken and his group had a hot card game... All this and the show had not even started!

Typical Chicago show, started out a little quiet but by 9:30 AM there was a nice buzz in the room and it went right up to the 6:00 PM bell and cutoff for the Monday night reception we always have with the Chicago Jewelers Association. The CJA is so supportive of the IWJG shows and we can't say thank you enough to Larry Hyman (President) and Howard Frum (Vice-President). From the rosy cheeks at the reception, we think everyone had a very good time... Then, we went next door to Gibson's for a great steak and even later back to the hotel where Viken held another card game and Tuesday was yet to come! We have so many good members in Chicago and they go out of their way to make sure we enjoy their great city. Hospitality is a big deal in the Windy City. Thank you all for making the IWJG feel so welcome.

As the show wound down here is what we heard from the floor... After the non-stop action of Las Vegas some of the members thought Chicago was a little soft (Pete Davis and Fred Hakimian), but by Tuesday afternoon the reports were indicating that Chicago was a good first show of summer for most members. Billy Oyster, Joe Akar, Gabe Arik, Harry Setian, Jose Arley Hernandez, Jeff Harris all reported Good Show results. Don Breier and Manny Fuzailov (Manny picked up a great new customer in Chicago) found very good trading action at the show. Bobby Arena, Eddie Tescheli, and Donald Gruenberg reported that for a smaller show (and it is) "not bad, not bad at all." Pietro Magliocca, Maricela Reyes and Newton Ng all reported having "Very Good" shows. Daniel Conception reported a "Great" show and John Brozek had his "Best Show Ever!" If there is any message to be drawn from all of this it might be, large show or small, if you have the right merchandise at the right price there is business to be done, and that is what we do! We had a great time just being in Chicago, with the very special IWJG Membership Family... NOW ON TO NEW YORK CITY, Y'all!

If you would like to share your show report with our membership, submit it as soon after the show as possible to, attention Joe Nelson and we will do our best to include all comments.

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