Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG May 2019 Las Vegas Show Report

Monday morning, the 7:30 line was long and as soon as we opened the doors, there was a buzz in the room and it did not get quiet all day long... There were big lines at 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00 as well, and the "Pay at the Door" line was busy all day long as well.

What was selling??? Some of everything... AP's were moving. Almost anything that was in really good shape would move and of course, Rolex, Rolex, Rolex!!! Pre-Owned Merchandise is still hard to find and the price keeps going up. New Rolex is again difficult to acquire and most of it will sell at a premium over Retail... This brings some confusion to the ultimate buyers of the merchandise... Diamonds, in the one to two carat range seem to be moving... Here is what we heard from you.

Marc Lukaszewski texted us that Las Vegas was a Very Good Show for him!!! Steve Fishman said his IWJG Show was a Very Good start to his Jewelry Week! Glad you were with us Steve. Jordan Gellerman reported in with a Good Las Vegas Event. Jeff Knepper had a Good Las Vegas Show and said he likes the Tropicana better that Caesars. Everything is close together at the Trop.

Raj Dhadda had a Really Good IWJG Show in Las Vegas and Guy Agia reported in with a Good Show but said it was a long walk to our Ballroom... We agree with You Guy! Yair Mizrah, reported that he was tired after just coming in from Hong Kong, but he had a Good IWJG Event. Mollie Francine Jonas turned in a Good Show Report. Stephen Mazilli had a really Good IWJG Show...

Marc Abercrombie reported that Las Vegas was a Great Show for him... Nochiem Mendelsohn had a Really Good Las Vegas Event. Glad you came from Miami to be with us!! Miguel Quintero had a Great Show and Felix Torres reported Really Good Results in the Desert.. Glad to hear it guys.

Micha Mottale gave a Really Good Report on the Business he did at the IWJG. Micha said his Show was Really Good. Glad you were able to get back from Asia and join us with Albert!

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