Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG April 2013 New York Show Report

New York was the largest Spring New York Show ever for the IWJG. More table holders, more, attendees, more guests, and more new members than ever before. The show started off with a nice buzz on Monday morning and grew to a high pitch and continued all day, right up to closing. Tuesday started slower (typical second day) but by 10:30AM, was holding it's own and kept good energy all through the day. This was a very good show for most of our members in attendance. It was a little soft for some and the best show ever for others... All we know is there were 800-900 dealers in the room, the noise level would do Greg Moss proud and the cash counter was being used so much, its tongue was hanging out and it was begging Olga for water.

Here are just a few of the reports that were turned in after New York... Newton Ng had a great, great show. Sam Sallum said his show was good and he sold a lot. Pietro Magliocca and Joe Akar had very good shows. Joe Demesy, Bob Wingate and Felix Torres all had good shows. Bob Maron stopped by to say he had a good show and wants New York to be a THREE DAY EVENT!

Marco Damm, Roman Buslovitch, John Buckley and Vik Berghudian reported very good shows.  Paolo Manzzoli and Bobby Arena reported good shows. Tony Cheransky had a solid, decent show. Leon Elterman, Boris Katz and  Natilio Saks checked in with good show results. Marcus Abercrombie thought the show was a little softer than he expected but overall it was a good show for him. Julian Siegler and Tommy LaBret had great shows and Mark Knowak said, "tremendous... best show ever!!!"

What does it all mean... Business was on the floor and there for the taking. If you had a good show, congratulations. If your show was not up to your expectations, all we can say is what our members tell us; "if you have the right merchandise and it's priced right, it moves."

Reminder... Never extend credit to someone you do not know. If the person is a MEMBER, they should have two sponsors that can let you know how much risk you should take. Come up front and we will help you find out who the person is and who knows them. If the dealer is a guest... ALL GUESTS are considered CASH ONLY! Make sure you find out who sponsored them before you do any business with them and for heaven's sake, no credit to guests without guarantees from the member that invited them... They are not members and should not be extended any member courtesy, none the less MEMBER or GUEST, if you do not know them, ask before you act, this is the only way we can help you. Thank you to all members who spot someone on the floor that doesn't look or act quite right and reports the attendee to staff so we can check them out immediately... If you see something... Say something!

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