Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG April 2019 New York Show Report

Mike Manjos had a Really Good Show from both a Buying and Selling perspective... Mike loved the Energy that was in the room on Both Days... It was Busy!!! Daniel Pasternak had a Really Good Show and added that it pays to always stay till the end of the IWJG Events... Thank You Daniel.

Jordan Gellerman reported in with Really Good New York Results. We asked him what was selling. His answer was Rolex, Rolex, Rolex!!! That narrows it down. Thank You Jordan... Natilio Saks thought New York was a Good Event!!! Jorge Haro and Alfonso Valencia said New York was a Good, Good Event for them and they were looking forward to Las Vegas as well... So are We!!! Tony Kravak from Stockholm had a Really Good New York Event... It was Great seeing Gene Markus in NYC, it is always good when Gene shows up!!!

Mgirdish Kasparian said New York was Good for him and Robert Beggs joined in with "New York was a Good One!" We are Glad Robert!!! Jose Montilla had a Good Show in New York but his home country is in turmoil. Things are terrible in his Venezuela... Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the People of that wonderful Country as they try to get out from under the current Regime!!!... Marcus Dolph had a Good Show and he liked the level of Energy in the Room... Good Show for Marcus!!! Ricardo Varela thought New York was Very Good as did Abdalla Alyhabib... Thank you both for Your Good Reports.

Ben Honigman had a Good Event in the City and commented on how busy he was and that he liked all of the Energy in the Room... Kurt Peterson turned in a Good Show Report as did Maricela Reyes... She thought New York was Really Good... Moshe Fusilof, from Texas had a Good Show in NYC and Eli Borochof thought the Event was Really Good for him... Terrific Eli!!!

Peter Gykman from Los Angeles had a Good Show also Jose "Pepe" Hernandez reported in with a Good Event... Ron Cordova reported in that they had a Really Good Show... Glenn Edwards had Good results in NYC and Moritz Elsassner thought the IWJG Event was the Best Show. He was glad he came and repeated, Great Organization and Really the Best Show!!! Thank you for those kind words Moritz... That's about all that we have space for but in case you didn't get the message... New York Was Great!!!

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