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IWJG April 2012 New York Show Report

We promised you a more complete report as soon as the show was over. As we sit in the airport headed home, here it is...

We reported earlier that the action started off with a bang Monday morning! There was a buzz in the room starting as soon as the doors opened at 7:30AM and kept growing through general membership admission at 9:00AM that did not slow down until early in the afternoon. After the little lull that comes during lunch, the activity picked back up and stayed strong until the doors closed at 6:00PM. Tuesday morning started with its usual "we stayed out a little too late last night" energy. But, by 10:00AM, there was a buzz in the room that ran until we forced the guys to get out of the room so that we can pack up and head back to Houston about 6:45PM - 7:00PM.

What was selling??? Vintage appears to be making a strong comeback, which is welcomed. Those pieces have taken the back seat to modern for the past several months but now buyers that are looking for something with a story tied to it, are embracing the uniqueness of vintage product. Modern is still strong. Diamonds and jewelry are very strong. As we walked through the floor and talked to the IWJG Members, it's like a tale of two cities. Members that have the right merchandise and have it priced according to TODAY'S market are reporting GREAT show results. Members that are holding onto merchandise by setting prices reflective of earlier market conditions, are talking about things being a little soft.

Many of our dealers stopped by on their way out Tuesday afternoon with show reports. there were too many to include them all here, but a sample of our dealer input is as follows...

Robert Cooper said that Brooklyn was one of his best shows ever. Bobby Arena had a big smile on his face and said that it was a great show. Eric Boneta and Mark Nance reported good shows. Vadin Krishtal had two thumbs up and said it was a good show. Newton Ng had a good show. Marisol Reys reported a very good show. Fred Hakimian reported sales to be a little soft for him in Brooklyn. Peter Plains said that his show was a little slow, but Gary Zumalt said that his Day One was very good on margin of profit and Day Two was good on volume... but overall a good show. Finally, Michele Mottale was grinning from ear to ear and reported that his show was one of the best ever.

The Marriott is a great facility for us. One issue that we are working on before the July show is cell phone coverage in the ballroom. We've already ordered equipment to boost the signal for all carriers and we will test it onsite and then make any other arrangements possible. Remember, if you don't have a good show, then we don't have a good show.

We can make it big but it is the overall successful show experience by the membership that makes it good.

That's all for now in New York except to say we would love to have Spotlight articles on our members telling us what their specialities are in the industry, what they do, what you are most proud of. Send those to us and we will publish them in the newsletter. We are proud of the quality and character of our IWJG members.

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Olga Cortez Bullock, Joe Nelson, Christina Ledoux and the IWJG Staff


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