Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG March 2019 Dallas Show Report

The feedback on the Gaylord Texan, almost universally, was that it was a Great Hotel and that the Grapevine area was perfect for most of our visiting members. Close to the Airport (DFW), near the renovated Downtown of Grapevine with shopping and restaurants but if you need to go to Dallas proper, not a bad drive at all... The Hotel is BIG!!! We mean, BIG!!!

The IWJG Dallas Event has historically been one of our smaller shows. We had about 110 tables at the event. If you were there, We don't have to tell that Monday was BUSY!!! We had between three and four hundred attendees and for a small show, that was a lot of traffic and it was busy all day long.

Typical Tuesday started off late and a little slow but about 10:30 there was a buzz in the room (not like Monday) but some of our Dallas attendees Loved Tuesday (Michel Mottale). They Sold some, Bought some and Collected some Money... That's important. Depending on who you talked to the Dallas Event was a little slow or Really Good... If you had the right merchandise, priced it right within the current market and wanted to sell or buy, you had a Good Show... Here is what we heard from some of our attendees...

Jake and Victoria Rokhlin thought Dallas was amazing. They loved the Gaylord and bought a ton of merchandise...Carl Cohen reported in with Really Good results in Dallas...Jennifer Chu had a Very Good Show in the Lone Star State... Mr. 18 Kt. Bob Wingate reported in with Good results and wants to know why we don't have Two Dallas Events every year???

Kaylin Porcello had a Really Good Show in Dallas and said that Monday was Crazy Good. Lots of Traffic on Monday... Abdella Alyhabib, loved the Gaylord Texan Hotel, wants to bring his family next time and reported a Good Show in Texas... Newton Ng, bought a lot in Dallas... Ira Mish, said he did much better than he expected and that Monday was really busy. Thank you for coming to Texas Ira.

Richard Shults, had a Good Show at the Gaylord... Ariel Shimunov also had a Good Show. Did some Business and thought Monday was really Busy. We will see you in New York Ariel.

Armando Martinez bought a lot and sold some merchandise. Good Show... Nochum Mendelsohn Liked Dallas. He bought and Sold a lot of merchandise...Shane Ropp, had a Great Dallas Show, in fact Shane almost sold completely out of his merchandise on Monday.

Again, Monday was Really Busy for a smaller IWJG Event. Michael Ma, had a Good Texas Show. Marc Abercrombie reported in with Good Results in "Big D." Marc sold merchandise but more importantly, he found lots of merchandise to buy. Thank you, Marc, for making some of our sellers happy!!! Steve Fishman summed it all up, "Dallas is a small IWJG Show but it was a Good Event!"

Jordan Gellerman liked Dallas. He had a Good Event and thought Monday was Really Busy... Josh Buchlovich and his Dad Roman had the same report to offer about the Texas Show. "We know what the IWJG Dallas Event is and we like it!!! BTW, we loved the Gaylord Texan!!!"

Alex Pinkhasov, thought the Show was Really Good... He enjoyed Texas!!! Roy Jackson drove from Tifton, Georgia and LOVED everything about the Dallas Event. He bought 25 or 30 watches on Monday alone... Thank you for your support for our Dallas Event Roy.

Andrew Cohen had a Really Good Event in Dallas... Andrew reported in that he Bought a Lot and Sold a Lot. Glad to hear it Andrew.

Kamran Shak had a Good Dallas Show and Last but not least, Michele Mottale thought Dallas was a Really Good Show. As we reported earlier, Michele was one of our members that Sold some, Bought some and Collected some money!!! Dallas was Good!!! We are glad Michele!

Thank you all for taking the time to give us your thoughts on the 2019 Event we had in Dallas. We are sorry we couldn't publish more of your responses, but we are running out of space for this e-mail... Your support means everything to the IWJG, remember we can't have a Good Show if our Membership does not have a Good Show... Thank You for making Dallas a Good IWJG Event!!!

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