Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG February 2019 Las Vegas Show Report

Monday started off with a bang, the 7:30 and 8:00 lines were waiting and we got everybody in on time... soon the room was buzzing and the action was hot and stayed steady all-day long.... what was selling... watches were moving, jewelry was moving and diamonds were moving... it was a good show... here is what we heard from some of our members that were in attendance in Las Vegas.

Peter Chou turned a good show report and added that some of our best shows are some of our smaller affairs... thank you peter. Alex Pinkhasov had a good show ... Alex said it all worked out ok!!! Bijan Javaheri turned a good Las Vegas report. Ely Mushiyev reported good results from Vegas.

Paul Fox had a good show and noted that diamonds and jewelry were selling strong at this show. Joe Akar's team had good results in Vegas as did Abdalla Alyhadid who just opened his new office in Los Angeles... congratulations!!! Richard Shults turned in a good report for our February event. Robert Beggs thought Las Vegas was a good outing for him.

Andrew Cohen had a good show in the desert and was headed to Hong Kong!!! Peter Gykman likes our smaller shows and thought Vegas was great!!! Kamran Shak said Vegas was much better than he expected. he had a good show. Michael Crouch thought the show was really good. he sold diamonds, jewelry and watches... he loved the event. Edward Alemon had a really good show as well. Jennifer Chou turned in a very good report for our gathering in Vegas.

Doug Gruenberg said sometimes our smaller shows are our best events and Vegas was a good show for him. Mike Manjos said he had to work the room hard but, in the end, it was a good show for him. Jose Montilla from Venezuela had a good IWJG event.

Jordan Gellerman had one heck of a show in Vegas and Ben Cucio loved the February event and said if you want to be in the watch industry and respected, you must be a member of the IWJG and attend these great events!!! Thank all of you for your reports and your kind words about the organization!!!

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