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IWJG February 2012 Orlando Show Report

What a beginning for 2012! We are sitting at the airport in Orlando getting ready to head back and we realize that this is just the 22nd of February and already we have had Las Vegas on January 3rd and 4th, Miami on January 30th and 31st, and now Orlando on February 20th and 21st. As if that's not enough, our members have also had to deal with the Miami beach Antique Show on the 1st thru the 6th of February, NAWCC Show on the second week of February, the WWT Show in the second week of February, the Hong Kong Show and next week, a lot of our members, including our Executive Director, Joe Nelson, are off to Munich! It's been a very busy seven weeks!

The Orlando Show was reflective of the number of shows in the short period of time thathave occurred in 2012. Some inventories were low and some inventories like the members themselves, looked a little tired. Nonetheless we had about 600 dealers at the Renaissance Orlando at Sea World, and it appeared that the members that worked the room hard wound up with a good show. The members that waited for the show to bring its energy to them were a little disappointed.

The show was 12% larger than last year. The morning of Day One started off with the normal flurry of activity, driven by dealers with "must-have" lists. They scout the tables for the goods on their customers' wish lists and then the show settles down to a normal buzz. Merchandise appears to be in short supply and prices appear to be holding strong. Modern Rolex are still moving well and Ladies Presidents are moving in the $4.4K to $5K without diamonds.

Jerry and Ron Hogan said that they had a very good show. Martha Mendoza was very pleased with her show results. Brett Copelman said he had a decent show but it was tough and he had to work for it. Leo Brafman had a good show. Adrian Kleiman said that his Buddha buddy was smiling and Adrian had a very good show. Dennis Nichinson reports a very good show. Temuri Nanikashvili said that he had to work the room very hard but he ended up having a good show. Maricela Reyes had the same report as Temuri, hard work but a good show. Fred Hakimian and Gabe Arik reported very, very, very good shows. Some of the other dealers had other results. We guess it will always be that way. The overview from where we sit seems to be that with this many shows in this short period of time, everyone is a little tired. But, if you are willing to work hard in the room, there are about 600 dealers and someone will be willing to make a deal or two so you can have a great show.

Our General membership meeting on Monday night was attended by about 25 people. We will have a full report about the meeting soon but we want to thank everyone who attended.

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Olga Cortez Bullock, Joe Nelson, Christina Ledoux and the entire IWJG Staff


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