Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG November 2019 Miami Show Report

The IWJG Event in Miami was a BIG Show. Monday was Crazy Busy and Tuesday was a Great Day for some of our members. The Market is still a Little Strange but the people with Good Merchandise reflecting the current Market Price were selling and the Members looking to buy, found Good Merchandise at Decent Prices on the Floor... We all have to work within the Market!!! Some International Watch and Jewelry Guild members found Great Results in SoFl, while others thought the Market was a little soft. Here is a sample of what we heard...

Alex Pinkhasov had a Really Good Show in Miami. Monday and Tuesday were Great!!! Abdella Alyhabib turned in a Really Good Show Report... He was Happy with his results in Miami as well... Frank Muzo was ecstatic about his results at our November Event. Frank said Miami was his Best Show Ever!!! Glad you had a Great Show in Miami, Frank... Eddie Kurayv was all smiles when we asked him about his show... He gave me a Really Good Show Report!!! Alfonso Valencia had a Really Good Event in Miami. He thought Monday was really crazy and both days were Good for him... The Quinteros thought Miami was Really Good and they were Glad they with us in November... We were glad you were there as well!!! Daniel Conception said "Miami was a Really, Really Good Event"... If fact he said it was a "Great Show."

Joseph Tannenbaum stopped by Olga's table on his way out to comment on the fact that they had a Good Miami Show. We are Glad you did!!!The Travinos had nothing but Good things to say about their results in SoFl. Steve Fishman thought Monday was really busy and overall, he had a successful show. Last but not least, Joe Akar's Group had a Really Good Show in Miami, and they didn't have to get on a plane at the end of the Show... That's always a Good Thing...

The market is changing constantly. Stainless Steel Sport Rolex are Hotter than a Pistol on the 4th of July. We are seeing some of the Omega Models gaining in value and some of the Vacherons are getting some attention... Patek, AP and yes, Rolex, Rolex, Rolex are still strong!!! That's all we had time for before the show ended.

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